Cagaran Cats

Cagaran Cats - Pedigree Cat Breeders in Scotland

Get In Touch

We are always happy to hear from someone genuinely interested in cats, whether you just want some information or are interested in a kitten. Unless you have an urgent query, email is usually the best way to get hold of us:

We generally try to check our email daily, but looking after the cats takes precedence over emails, so if one of 'the monsters' needs our attention the emails may not be checked for a day or two. Likewise, we show about every three weeks, and often don't check emails the evening before or after a show.

If you need to talk to us urgently, or have a query too complicated to ask in email, you can reach us on:
Heather's mobile: 07765 831273
Richard's mobile: 07723 303139 (this is also the number to use for the gardening business)