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Our Previous Cats

Since our first cat, Tiger, taught us about the joys of living with cats, we have had the pleasure to share our lives with several cats who are no longer with us for various reasons. Each of these cats is remembered here, along with details of who they were, and why we don't have them any more. Tiger was the first of these, and as the one who started it all, he has his own page. One of our former stud boys (Eiteag) and five of our former breeding queens (Katie, Kia, Breckin, Grace and Cheeky) are also no longer with us, and they too have their own pages, moved over from the 'Boys' and 'Girls' sections when they left. The remaining neuters have one combined page (like our 'Current Neuters' do) - these are Gealbhan, Tßrmus, Amlach and Coimhlion ('the Devons'), Xaria, Monty, Quinn, Call, Bru and Ali.

Each of these cats brought something different to our feline family, and they have helped to shape us as cat owners and as people. The story of the various comings-and-goings of cats, that got us to where we are today, is laid out in the 'Our Cat Story' pages, should you wish to read more about that.

List of Previous Cats:
Tiger (with us 2002-2005) - put to sleep due to cancer
Gealbhan (with us 2007-2008) - stolen from in front of our house
Monty (with us 2009-2011) - rehomed in Bedford
Amlach & Coimhlion, 'the Devons' (with us 2008-2011) - rehomed together locally
Tármus (with us 2008-2011) - rehomed locally, with one of Kia's kittens, 'Simba'
Kia (with us 2009-2012) - rehomed locally
Katie (with us 2009-2012) - put to sleep due to breeding complications
Xaria (with us 2008-2012) - rehomed locally, with one Dàrna's kittens, 'Quinn'
Quinn (with us 2011-2012) - rehomed locally, with Xaria
Breckin (with us 2009-2013) - rehomed in Aberdeenshire, with Grace
Grace (with us 2011-2013) - rehomed in Aberdeenshire, with Breckin
Call (with us 2005-2013) - now living with my brother, Calum
Eiteag (with us 2012-2014) - rehomed with Geralyn Bowles of Farash Tiffanies and Asians in Ireland
Bru & Cheeky (with us 2012-2014) - rehomed together locally
Ali (with us 2005-2014) - now living with my oldest friend, Carrie, whom he chose as 'his person' when he was a kitten