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GR CH Cagaran Keekers (Keeker)

Keekers is Old Scots for 'Eyes' - when he was a tiny kitten he would sit on my foot so every time I looked down all I saw was this big pair of eyes looking up at me!

Also known as 'Keeks'

ALH bs 22 31 / 68 41bsq
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby with Burmese Restriction

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 1.9% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 04/07/14

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by parental DNA Test (both parents Normal)

Keeker is from Eiteag's fourth litter and the first that we had from Lhasa. When we put Lhasa and Tia in kitten to Eiteag in 2014, I always planned to keep a girl from one litter and a boy from the other. Keeker was our choice from Lhasa's litter, mostly because he has the gentlest temperament we've ever come across and we're hoping he'll pass that on to his kittens.

Due to Richard and I being involved in show management over the months Keeker was a kitten (and there being a rule preventing show managers from showing at their own shows), he went out on exhibition a few times but only actually competed at the Supreme, where he won his 1st and BOB, was runner up for Best of Variety Foreign Kitten and came 2nd in the All-Breeds Special Kitten Class (judged on temperament and condition). As an adult he has sailed through his CCs and GCCs, winning them in straight shows and going on to pick up his first Imperial at the Supreme.

We know that Keeker must carry dilute and non-agouti (self/smoke) due to his parents colourings. As a kitten, he was a very obvious classic tabby, though the pattern is now so diffuse that it's almost impossible to tell and we have re-registered him as a shaded. Both his parents also carry non-silver, so he may carry that as well.