Note: If you found this page through any means other than via the Pure Felinity site, you should be aware of the fact that this page was written about cyber cat breeding, not real cats, and that it is tailored to the breeding rules of this site. The genetics of this site are a simplified version of reality, so there may be some principles that do not hold true in real life.

This page acts as a link to the different sections of the genetics suite. The suite assumes basic knowledge of genetics, although I have tried to explain everything as simply as I can, and leave out scientific jargon as far as possible. If there is still something that you don't understand, or if you have a question on anything mentioned here, please feel free to ask - if you're wondering, there are probably other people who are unsure also.

The 'Help' board on the forum gives the opportunity for you to ask the other members of the site, who are usually happy to help (note: you must be a member of PureFelinity to access this resource). It is always worth reading all the available material before asking, though, including the FAQs and any 'sticky' posts on the board. The help board is also a good place to post a message if you are unsure of the possible results of a mating. It is important, however, to remember that pf runs on a probability basis, so there is no way of knowing which particular set of traits will come out of any match.

One reason for breaking this suite down into separate pages is so that you can have more than one page open at once and use them to reference against each other. Each page is designed to operate as part of the whole package.

Eye Colour
This is a sub-section of the suite, looking specifically at eye colour genetics. It includes examples of how to calculate possible eye colour results from matings.

This page describes the appearance of the different colours, without looking at the genetics behind them.

The basics
This page gives an explanation of various technical terms used (also see the Dictionary of Terminology on the CCA site), and gives the information that you will need to know to understand the subsequent sections.

Overview of the different genes used
This page gives the abbreviations used to denote the different genes, and outlines the different dominant/recessive relationships.

Explanations of the genes
This page explains the workings of the different genes, outlining both their effect on Pure Felinity, and the 'Real Life' genetics behind them.

How to work out the results of a breeding
This page describes the use of a Punnet Square in predicting the results of any breeding.

Some examples of breeding calculations
This page gives some examples of calculating the results of a mating, explaining how to work out what genes your cat has, and what this means for its kittens.

Further help
This page contains useful links both to other parts of the Pure Felinity site, and to the outside world.