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Asian Group Colouration

All breeds within the Asian Group come in seventeen colours - four 'dominant': Black, Chocolate, Cinnamon and Red; the 'dilutes' of these: Blue, Lilac, Fawn and Cream; the 'dilution modified' Caramel and Apricot, and the 'Tortie' versions (excluding Red/Cream/Apricot). They can be either 'Full Expression' (FEX) or 'Burmese Restriction' (BCR), where the colour is paled slightly (e.g. black becomes brown), with the head, tail and legs being darker than the body.

Asian Self/Torties are 'Self' (solid or single-colour), and come only in the FEX form of the colours. BCR shorthair selfs are visually identical to Burmese, and are known as 'Asian Variants' and cannot, at present, be shown.

Asian Smokes come in both FEX and BCR, and are identical to Asian Self/Torties and Asian Variants, but with a silver undercoat, meaning that when the coat is parted back, it shows a sparkling silver underneath. We have two Asian Smokes, Donny, who is a brown smoke BCR, and Brodie, who is a black smoke.

Asian Tabbies can be any of the tabby patterns - Ticked (where each hair is striped), Spotted, Mackerel (narrow, vertical stripes) and Classic (swirled/blotched/marbled). They can also come in either FEX or BCR. We have two first-generation Asian Tabbies (part of our cinnamon outcross programme): Zuko, who is a (lilac-based) caramel spotted BCR and Hailey, who is a chocolate tortie classic FEX.

Burmillas are 'Shaded' cats, meaning that the pigment colour is pushed to the tip of the hair. They can be either standard ('golden' base coat) or silver (silver base coat), and like the Tabbies, can be either FEX or BCR. We have two Burmillas: Julie, who is a chocolate tortie silver BCR, and Apollo, who is an apricot silver BCR.

Tiffanies come in all colours and patterns available in the group, so they can be 'Self', smoke, any tabby pattern or shaded in either standard or silver. All colours and patterns can be either FEX or BCR, including the self colours (because Tiffanies' longer coats make them obviously different from Burmese even in their self BCR form). This gives a total of over 400 possible combinations! Since we specialise in Tiffanies, most of our breeding cats are Tiffanies, and we have an assortment of colours and patterns: Dàrna is a chocolate silver shaded FEX, Fiona is an apricot silver shaded FEX, Lhasa is a brown smoke BCR, Ayla is a chocolate tortie silver shaded BCR, Tilly is a chocolate silver shaded FEX, Small is a cream shaded FEX and Eiteag is a cream silver shaded BCR.