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Our Boys ('Studs')

We have three adult boys (known as 'studs'), at the moment: a Burmilla, an Asian Smoke and a Tiffanie. In addition, we currently also have a young Smoke boy, who is with us temporarily, while his new owner completes his stud run. The Burmilla has to live in a pen outside due to his spraying, but he has Sonia living with him for company and their pen is well furnished with aerial logs for him to wander around, and he loves to sit and watch the birds. With the other three, we are amazingly lucky that they have not started spraying, so are still able to live inside - fingers crossed that continues, because it's lovely not having to put them out.

Burmilla - Apollo
Asian Smokes - Donny, Brodie
Tiffanie - Keeker

Please see the boys' individual pages for details of their pedigrees etc.