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Cagaran Lurach (Lura)

Lurach is Gaelic for 'Exquisitely Beautiful' or 'Jewel-Like', pronounced Loorach (ch as in 'loch').

ASH e 11 / 72 43f
Burmilla, Cream Shaded

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 1.6% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 10/10/14

We hadn't intended keeping Lura's mum, Small, because Small was the result of a mating between Dàrna and her grandson, Eiteag. However, Small was was the only kitten in the litter and had to be born by C-section at a week overdue, so we didn't want to risk having any further litters from Dàrna. Having decided to keep Small, we decided to take her to a total outcross and Lura's Dad is therefore the gorgeous I GR CH Mainman Quintessence (Quin), a cream Burmese whose line has never been used in Asian breeding before.

Lura has a lovely short wedge with excellent breadth to the top of her head, beautifully set ears and the cracking nose break that has been a characteristic of everything descended from Eiteag. She's also got a fabulous close-lying coat and is a really nice colour of cream. Most importantly, though, she's the one that chose us and is something of a mummy's girl, which should mean that we can have the closeness of relationship that we believe is necessary when breeding.

She's only been out to a show once so far, and that was on exhibition at the joint Scottish/West show, which we couldn't compete in because we were managing the show. She shared a pen with one of her brothers and Keeker, and the three of them were absolutely adorable, playing with their toys or confidently chatting away to the public as if they'd been attending shows for years.

Lura must carry longhair from her mum and self, Burmese restriction and chocolate from her Dad (his parents were a lilac and a chocolate tortie so he must 'mask' lilac). We don't know what colour Small was 'underneath' her cream, because Eiteag could mask either blue or lilac, so Lura could also mask either. Given that she's from three generations of a mating to chocolates, though, it's very likely that she masks lilac like her Dad. Small was a spotted tabby beneath her shading, but Burmese are almost always genetically ticked tabby, so it's likely that Lura is a ticked carrying spotted underneath her shading. This still means that she could contribute to the tabby lines, though.