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CH Cagaran ╔iteag-BÓrr (Eiteag/Etak)

╔iteag-BÓrr is Gaelic for 'Cream Quartzite', pronounced Ehtik-Bawr - so-called because of his colouration

Also known as 'Tick-Tock' and 'Ticksy'

ALH es 11 31 / 68 43fsq
Tiffanie, Cream Silver Shaded with Burmese Restriction

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 5.9% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 07/05/12

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by DNA test

Eiteag is litter-brother to Ayla, from Fi's first litter. We weren't originally planning to keep him, since we had always intended to keep a girl from that litter and fell in love with Ayla from the very start. Due to the poor economy at the time, however, we had very few enquiries and Eiteag was still here by the time he was over four months old, when I noticed that he had developed a really strong nose-break, which is something that we will need in our cinnamon outcross programme (the outcross breeds don't have nose-breaks). I checked the pedigrees for using him at the first stage of the programme and realised that he would be perfect to introduce that strong type at the start. We therefore kept him with the intention of having just that one litter from him, though his type continued to develop so beautifully that we decided to take another litter from him as well, and since the kittens from the first two litters were so fabulous in both type and temperament, we ended up mating both Tia and Lhasa to him as well!

He was shown a few times as a kitten, and won Best of Breed every time, except when Ayla was also there, in which case she took the award. His last time out as a kitten was to the Shropshire, where he went Best of Variety Kitten against some really strong competition - a good way to end a 'kitten career'! Like Ayla, he won his three CCs in three straight shows, making up to Champion at 10 Ż months. He also beat his sister for Best of Breed for the first time at the third of those shows. Like his sire and Donny, Eiteag has never started spraying, so he and Donny lived together in our kitchen. Eiteag inherited his Dad's calmness and his Mum's purry, loving nature, and is an absolute delight to have around.

Since Eiteag's sire was a non-silver and a chocolate, Eiteag must carry both of those. We don't know whether Fi masks blue or lilac, so we don't know which of those Eiteag will be underneath his cream (red/cream 'hides' the base colour). His sire definitely carries non-agouti (self), as do both Fi's parents, so there is also a decent chance that he might carry that as well. In addition, Eiteag is spotted tabby alongside his shading, so we are hoping that including him in the outcross programme has helped to carry the tabby through those lines.

Eiteag had four litters for us, and every single of of the kittens had the most spectacular temperament, which we are obviously delighted about. One of these was Dàrna's last litter, from which we decided to keep Small. The second was one of the two first-generation matings for our cinnamon programme, for which he was mated to one of our cinnamon Ocicat Classics, Cheeky, and their daughter, Hailey, will produce one of the second-generation litters. The other two were our first litters from Tia and Lhasa, and we have kept a son of Lhasa's (Keeker) and a daughter of Tia's (Julie). Having now kept four of Eiteag's offspring, he has undoubtedly done his bit for our breeding programme, and has therefore left us to go and stay with Ger Bowles (Farash Tiffanies and Asians) in in Ireland. She bred his great-granddam, so it's almost as if he's going home, and one of his daughters by Lhasa also now lives in Ireland with Martin O'Sullivan (Sliabh British, Asians and Burmese). I miss him lots, but we have the option to bring him back here once he's done his bit for the Tiffanie and Asian lines in Ireland.

Seven of his kittens have been shown:
GR CH Cagaran Keekers (Keeker) - owned by us
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby BCR - Runner-Up Best Foreign Kitten and 2nd-placed in the All-Breeds Special Kitten (temperament) class at the Supreme 2014

CH Cagaran Kittling-o-Hinnie (Honey) - owned by Martin O'Sullivan
Tiffanie, Chocolate Tortie Classic Tabby BCR - once overall Best Foreign

CH Cagaran Julie-Jo (Julie) - owned by us
'Burmilla', Chocolate Tortie Silver Tipped BCR - 3rd-placed in the All-Breeds Special Kitten (temperament) class at the Supreme 2014

CH Cagaran Fileánta (Small) - owned by us
'Tiffanie', Cream Shaded FEX

Cagaran Jonick (Nicki) - owned by Giovanni & Sermin Mombelli
Burmilla, Lilac Tortie Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Kenspeckle (Finley) - owned by Elysé Smith
Tiffanie, Brown Silver Spotted Tabby BCR

Cagaran Jinking-Jillet (Jill) - owned by Kirsty Oxley
'Asian Tabby', Brown Tortie Ticked Tabby BCR

Cagaran Karriewhitchit (Widget) - owned by Judy King
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Shaded BCR

The others haven't been shown yet:
Cagaran Haillie-a-Jo (Hailey) - owned by us
'Cat of Asian Type', Chocolate Tortie Classic Tabby FEX

Cagaran Jimmy (Oleg) - owned by Sarah Davidson
'Asian Tabby', Lilac Spotted Tabby FEX

Cagaran Jimp-an-Joco (Jock) - owned by Wilson & Rachel Logan
'Burmilla', Brown Silver Tipped BCR

Cagaran Kelpie (Kelpie) - owned by Catherine Rushforth
Tiffanie, Brown Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Killiemahou (Killie) - owned by Catherine Rushforth
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby BCR