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CH Cagaran Julie-Jo (Julie)

Julie-Jo is Old Scots for 'July Sweetheart'

Also known as 'Jules', 'Jo-Jo' and 'J-J'

ASH hs 12 31 / 72 46hsq
Burmilla, Chocolate Tortie Silver Tipped

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 1.3% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 03/07/14

Julie is from the first litter we had from Tia, though this was actually Tia's second litter due to her having had kittens with her previous owners. Julie was part of the 'giant litter' that was really two litters, both by Eiteag, born a day apart and raised together.

Like her mum, she has the most fabulous short, broad wedge, excellent width to her muzzle and the standard Eiteag-descended amazing nose break. She has better rounding to the top of her head than her mum, though she still shares Tia's habit of holding her ears a bit high. She's also got Tia's lovely eye shape. She has the most ludicrously purry temperament and makes us laugh every day due to her hilarious antics. She's very busy and we joke that she's like a cartoon cat; in fact one of my friends recently said that Julie reminds her of 'Simon's Cat'!

She went to a few shows as a kitten, but only competed once, because the other times she was on exhibition due to our show management committments (you can't compete if you're managing). The one time she did compete was at the Supreme, where she won her 1st and Best of Breed and was 3rd in the All-Breed Special Kitten Class, which is judged on condition and temperament. Since becoming an adult she has made Champion in three straight shows.

She must carry longhair and dilute from Eiteag, and since she showed spotted ghostmarkings as a kitten, we know that she's also spotted underneath her shading. We haven't quite decided who we'll be putting her to when she's older, but her low inbreeding gives us plenty of options.