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Show Results 2015

We haven't yet competed at any shows in 2015 but once we do the results will be listed here in reverse order, with the most recent at the top. Hover over the title of a show to view the results for that show. Clicking on one of the show listings will take you to the GCCF reports page for that show. At the bottom of the page we will list all significant results (certificate and BOV wins), in date order from earliest to latest.

Significant results:
14th March (Lancs) - Tia makes up to Grand Champion and Dàrna wins her 1st GPC
12th April (Midland Counties) - Dàrna wins the Reserve and Julie and Keeker both win their 1st CCs
12th April (Short Haired Cat Society) - Julie wins her 2nd CC
12th April (Asian Group Cat Society) - Dàrna wins her 2nd GPC and Keeker wins his 1st CC
9th May (Nor'East of Scotland) - Dàrna makes up to Grand Premier
30th May (Durham) - Keeker and Julie both make up to Champion and Keeker is runner-up for Best of Variety Foreign Adult
30th May (Northern Counties) - Keeker and Julie both win a spare CC