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CH Adelfsh Amar Stella (Lhasa)

Also known as 'Lou-lou', 'Loopy-Lou', 'Squeaky-pig' and 'Piglet'

ALH ns 31 / 68 42q
Tiffanie, Brown Smoke with Burmese Restriction

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 2.0% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 19/11/10

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by DNA Test

Lhasa came to us from Ash Molloy (Puddha's Palace Balinese and Javanese), in Shropshire. Her breeder was Andrea Reavil (Amar Tiffanies and Burmillas). Ash bought Lhasa to mate to her Balinese boy, with a view to having the UK's first litter of Tibetan kittens, and named her Lhasa, after the capital of Tibet.

Tibetans are essentially the longhair version of Tonkinese, in the same way that Tiffanies are the longhair version of Burmese. Since Tonkinese are a cross between Siamese and Burmese, and Balinese are the longhair version of Siamese, it makes sense to use Tiffanies with Balinese when trying to produce Tibetans. The mating took place in August of 2011, and Lhasa gave birth to the UK's first Tibetans on the 21st of October.

I had admired Ash's photos of Lhasa, ever since Ash first brought her home. In the summer of 2012, when Ash decided to return to breeding only her first love, the Balinese, I asked if she would consider letting me have Lhasa for our Tiffanie breeding. After a lot of consideration, Ash agreed, and I collected Lhasa whilst on my way home from a business meeting in August of 2012. We are delighted with Lhasa's type and temperament, and look forward to having some beautiful Tiffanie kittens from her.

Lhasa's sire is the lovely Kimani Champagne Supernova, a third-generation Burmilla with a really unusual pedigree. Her dam is Adatesh Amarkate, a Tiffanie from lines very different to those we already have. Lhasa is a very pretty girl, with a fabulous scowl, a good muzzle and nose-break, and lovely eye colour. She also has an excellent temperament, and is a joy to show, though she prefers the company of people to cats. She was almost two when she came to us, but was so cuddly when she first arrived that she kept falling off the bed in her attempts to rub herself on us!

Ash usually shows with FIFé (an alternative registry to the GCCF), so Lhasa had never been to a GCCF-style show before we took her to the West of Scotland at the end of 2012. She was a little unsure at that show, but at the joint Shorthair and AGCS show a few weeks later, she behaved like the star she had always been at the shows with Ash. She won the CC at the West of Scotland, and one of the two CCs available at the joint show, and then a third at the Shropshire, making her up to Champion.

We know that Lhasa carries non-silver, because she had non-silvers in both the litter that she had before she came to us, and her first litter with us. In addition, she must carry chocolate, because her second litter contained several chocolate kittens. Her mum also carries dilute, so it is possible that she carries that as well, though it is less likely since she produced all non-dilutes when mated to Eiteag, who is a dilute.

Three of her kittens have been shown:
GR CH Cagaran Keekers (Keeker) - owned by us
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby BCR

CH Cagaran Kittling-o-Hinnie (Honey) - owned by Geralyn Bowles
Tiffanie, Chocolate Tortie Classic Tabby BCR - once overall Best Foreign, once Best Foreign Adult

Cagaran Kenspeckle (Finley) - owned by Elysé Smith
Tiffanie, Brown Silver Spotted Tabby BCR

The others haven't been shown yet:
Cagaran Kelpie (Kelpie) - still looking for his new owner
Tiffanie, Brown Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Karriewhitchit (Widget) - still looking for his new owner
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Killiemahou (Killie) - still looking for his new owner
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby BCR