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Kitten Agreement

Our kitten agreement includes the following information:

- Kitten's name
- Parents' names (including any titles)
- Microchip number
- Breed
- Colour/pattern
- Registration number (this is marked as 'applied for' if we haven't yet got the registration paperwork back from the GCCF)
- Breed number
- Gender (including 'neuter' if the kitten has already been neutered)
- Date of birth
- Whether we consider the kitten to have show or breeding potential (a kitten without 'show potential' can still be shown in the 'Pedigree Pet' section, we just don't think it would win in the main Pedigree section)
- The purchase price and details of any deposits paid, or any staged payment plan that has been agreed

It will then have content similar to that given below, but the exact wording may be different, depending on the circumstances, and obviously subject to any alterations requested by an individual owner:

In the following agreement
BETWEEN ... Heather McRae and Richard Gabb ... 'the Breeders'
AND ... [your name] ... 'the New Owner(s)'

The Breeders agree that:
The kitten named above is a full pedigree, [breeding cats: and has been placed on the Active register as a potential breeding and show cat] has been bred in accordance with the GCCF Code of Ethics guidelines and has been socialised, house-trained, vaccinated and is in good general health at the time of this agreement. Any special veterinary treatment given to the kitten will be explained to the New Owner(s) in full before the kitten leaves the Breeders. The Breeders are committed to offering advice to the New Owner(s), if required, throughout the kitten's lifetime.

The New Owner(s) agree with respect to the kitten named above:
- To follow the GCCF Code of Ethics guidelines (a copy is enclosed with the kitten paperwork) and be responsible for the care and welfare of the kitten for the duration of its life. Also to abide by any additional written agreements made with the Breeders.
- That the kitten shall not, at any time, be re-sold, re-homed or taken from the UK without the breeder's prior knowledge and consent. The New Owner(s) intend to keep the kitten for life. If future circumstances dictate that it is necessary, for any reason, to seek a new home for the kitten, the New Owner(s) agree to offer in the first instance to return the kitten to the Breeders without payment. If the Breeders agree to the re-homing of the kitten to a third party, the New Owner(s) undertake to obtain from the third party an agreement in similar terms to those contained herein.
- That it is understood that the kitten has been neutered before leaving the Breeders, and that it is registered as 'non active' with the GCCF, so any pedigree offspring claimed to have been produced by the kitten may not be registered as such [or, for breeding cats: That it is understood that the kitten is sold with 'breeding potential' and 'show potential' only, and that no guarantees can be given by the Breeders as to the fertility of the kitten, or how it will develop and perform on the show-bench.
- That no male offspring from this cat will be placed on the Active register or sold for breeding, nor will any progeny from this cat be exported, without the prior written consent of the Breeders.
- That the New Owner(s) may keep for breeding purposes, or indeed sell for breeding purposes, a suitable quality female offspring from this cat, only after consent and advice have been received from the breeder]
- In the case of a Variant: That it is understood that the kitten is a 'Variant', and therefore cannot be shown as a pedigree Ocicat. It is for this reason only that the kitten is marked, above, as not having 'Show Potential'. The New Owner(s) would still be entitled to show the kitten in the 'Pedigree Pet' classes within the 'Household Pet' section, should they wish to do so. The Breeders would be delighted to offer any advice or assistance that the New Owner(s) may require in this regard, at the New Owner(s) request.
- If the kitten is found to be mistreated by the New Owner(s), the Breeders will have the right to repossess the kitten in the interests of animal welfare, and no payment shall be due to the New Owner(s) in return.
- The New Owner(s) understand that if there is a breach of any of the above terms, the Breeders shall be entitled to seek damages up to the sum of Ģ5,000.

Both we and the new owner(s) will sign the contract, and a copy will be taken to accompany the kitten's paperwork for the new owner's reference.