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I GR CH Cagaran Deathach-Donn (Donny)

Deathach-Donn is Gaelic for 'Brown Smoke', pronounced Detach-Dawn (where the 'ch' is pronounced as in 'loch')

Also known as 'Donny-Doops' and 'Doopy-boy' or just 'Doopy'

ASH ns 31 / 72 42q
Asian Smoke, Brown Smoke with Burmese Restriction

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 3.2% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 24/08/11

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by DNA Test

Donny is the first boy that we have kept of our own breeding, and is also the first cat we have owned to have two Imperial-titled parents. He was from DÓrna's second litter, to I GR CH Bambino Nationalvelvet (Graham), a gorgeous blue Burmese boy owned by Arty and Ally Williams (Molynmeux Burmese), in Liverpool. We were actually planning to keep a girl from the litter, though Ally had told us that we could keep a boy if we wished. Unfortunately, the only girl in the litter had a heart murmur at her first vaccination, and although this can simply be due to different parts of the heart growing at different rates, and can therefore disappear once they finish growing, we didn't want to risk breeding from her, and therefore kept Donny instead. We had her neutered, but kept her to see what would happen, and she did indeed grow out of the murmur by the time she was about six months old, so we then found her a new home.

Donny is a very handsome boy, with a lovely head, sexy Burmese eyes, a cracking nose break, and an excellent clear silver undercoat. His 'faults' are that his coat is a bit long, the silver extends a bit too far down the hair shaft (to between Ż and 2/3, rather than the intended 1/3 to Ż, and he has ticking on the topcoat, which should be a clear, even brown. Other than that, he looks like a very typey Brown Burmese, until the fur is parted back, and the silver is then visible underneath. His temperament is fabulous, and he represented the Asian breed at the London Pet Show, spending the entire day standing or sleeping on the breed table, talking to, and being stroked by, his adoring public. We are incredibly fortunate that Donny has never started spraying, and has therefore been able to continue living in the house. He shares the kitchen with Eiteag (who also hasn't started spraying, possibly due to Donny's example, but both boys' sires also didn't spray, so it could be genetic), and somehow seems to wind up lying in the arms of everyone who visits the house.

Donny went to his first show at just over 14 weeks, where he won the 1st and Best of Breed, and received good results in his side classes. A few weeks later, we took him to the Asian Group Cat Society breed show, where he followed his half-sister's lead in winning not only 1st and Best of Breed, but going on to take overall Best Kitten - our second year in a row taking the Best Kitten award (and repeated the following year by Ayla). He has won 1st and Best of Breed at every show he has attended, and made Champion in three straight shows, at about 10 Ż months old, also going Best Foreign Adult at two of those shows. He became the first Cagaran Grand Champion, at just under 14 months and after a break from shows to allow him to gain a bit of maturity, became the first Cagaran Imperial and, we think, the first Asian Smoke to win the Imperial title! He is absolutely adorable at shows, and climbs up onto the judges, giving them kisses - all you have to do is open his pen door, and he will climb out into your arms!

Since his Sire was a blue Burmese, Donny must carry non-silver and dilute, and must also carry chocolate and longhair, from DÓrna. His first queen was extremely evil and wouldn't let him near her, and after that he went through a phase of not wanting to touch a girl. Thankfully, he seems to have got over that, and has now had four successful litters, including one to an outside queen. Do get in touch, if you feel that he would be of benefit to your breeding programme.

Donny's first litter was out of Tilly, with a black smoke Tiffanie girl, a brown smoke Tiffanie boy, a chocolate silver Burmilla boy and a burmese pattern chocolate silver Burmilla girl. His second litter was out of Ayla, and was another four kittens but three girls and one boy this time: two brown tortie silver shaded Tiffanie girls, a brown silver ticked shorthair girl and an apricot silver Burmilla boy. His third litter was a repeat of his first, out of Tilly, and this time was six kittens, all shorthair: a chocolate ticked tabby boy, a brown variant girl, a chocolate variant girl (variants are Asian shorthairs that are identical in appearance to Burmese), a chocolate BCR smoke girl, a brown silver ticked tabby boy and a black smoke boy. His fourth, and most recent litter was to a girl owned by Claire James, who had him go to stay with her for a few weeks last year.

Seven of his kittens have been shown:
Cagaran Maiseach (Lady) - owned by Kirsty Oxley
Tiffanie, Brown Tortie Silver Shaded BCR - once Overall Best in Show

Cagaran Iùmh-rud (Horatio) - owned by Rob & Emily Wallace
Tiffanie, Brown Smoke BCR - one PC

Cagaran Ìla (Isla) - owned by Maura Lenihan
Tiffanie, Black Smoke

Cagaran Maidainn (Aurora) - owned by Robert & Emily Wallace
Tiffanie, Brown Tortie Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Neultach (Storm) - owned by Thomas Bonar
Asian Smoke, Black Smoke FEX - two PCs

Cagaran Neòinean (Daisy) - owned by Thomas Bonar
Asian Variant , Brown BCR - two MCs

Cagaran Niamh (Niamh) - owned by us
Asian Variant , Chocolate BCR

The others haven't been shown yet:
Cagaran Impich (Imp) - owned by Donald Mackintosh & Fiona Carson
Burmilla, Chocolate Silver Shaded FEX

Cagaran Ifrinnach (Mischka) - owned by Wilson & Rachel Logan
Burmilla, Chocolate Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Mineadh (Nala) - owned by Kerry McNeill
Asian Tabby, Brown Silver Ticked Tabby BCR

Cagaran Misneach (Simba) - owned by Kerry McNeill
Burmilla, Apricot Silver Shaded BCR

Cagaran Nagair (Warm) - owned by Heather Lynch (The Cat in the Window Cat Café)
Asian Tabby, Chocolate Ticked Tabby FEX

Cagaran Neònach (Beattie) - still looking for his forever home
Asian Tabby, Brown Silver Ticked Tabby BCR

Cagaran Neulach (Pale) - reserved
Asian Smoke, Chocolate Smoke BCR