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CH Anizz Tilleadh Gu Cagaran (Tilly)

Tilleadh Gu is Gaelic for 'Return to', pronounced Tillay Goo. She is named that because we bred her Dam, so she was bringing our line back to us - 'Return to Cagaran'

Also known as 'Tilly-tot', 'Tottles' and 'the Tot'

ALH bs 11 / 68 43bs
Tiffanie, Chocolate Silver Shaded

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 5.7% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 02/10/12

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by DNA Test

Tilly is the granddaughter of our first queen, Katie. Her Mum, Cailin, was from Katie's second litter (to Shogun), and went to live with Anita and Rob Bryce (Anizz Ocicats and Tiffanies). When Katie died the following year, Anita offered to mate Cailin to a boy of our choice, to give us back something of Katie. Tilly is therefore from the first litter with a Cagaran parent to be born to anyone other than us. Since Cailin's Sire is Shogun, Tilly is a niece of both Eiteag and Ayla. However, Tilly's Sire is Tresbeau Kazaura Jasper, owned by Karen Courtney (Cajaco Tiffanies, formerly Kazaura), in Daventry, who is a chocolate silver shaded Tiffanie boy, bred by Angela Copley (Tresbeau Tiffanies), in Yorkshire, and has a very different pedigree to our other cats.

She is a very pretty little girl, with a good short, blunt muzzle, firm chin, good nose-break, excellent ear-set, a fabulous long tail, and a lovely clear silver undercoat. Her only 'faults' are that she tends to round her eyes a bit much, and at the moment her limbs are a little chunky. Like her Dam, she is a demanding little madam, who always wants to be picked up and cuddled, and thinks nothing of informing us loudly if this doesn't happen rapidly enough. She loves to come under the bed-covers for cuddles, and will happily lie there purring for as long as we are prepared to continue stroking her!

Tilly was only been shown twice as a kitten, first at the Shropshire, where although she didn't win Best of Breed (Eiteag took it, and then went on to become Best of Variety Kitten), she did win 1st in the female class, and also did well in her side classes, and then at the Cambridgeshire, where she did win the Best of Breed, over a girl who won the Olympian (the highest certificate level) on the day! She won her CCs in 'straight shows' - two in one day at the back-to-back Eastern Counties and Bombay & Asian Self shows and then a third four weeks later, at the Chester. Her certificates came from Helen Marriott-Power, Joyce Dell and Claire Lewis, making her up to Champion at just six days past 10 months old.

She must carry burmese restriction, because her Sire is BCR, but beyond that we don't know what she carries. Her Sire definitely carries dilute, and her Dam carries non-silver and spotted, so there is a possibility that Tilly carries those as well. In addition, all four of her grandparents carry non-agouti (self), so we knew there was a chance that she would be able to produce selfs and smokes, which was borne out when her first litter included two smokes.

Tilly's first litter were born in May of this year, to Donny (his first litter also). There are four kittens - two boys and two girls - in four different colours: black smoke, brown smoke, chocolate silver shaded and chocolate silver shaded burmese pattern.

Two of her kittens have been shown:
Cagaran Iùmh-rud (Horatio) - owned by Rob & Emily Wallace
Tiffanie, Brown Smoke BCR

Cagaran Ìla (Isla) - owned by Maura Lenihan
Tiffanie, Black Smoke

The others haven't been shown yet:
Cagaran Impich (Imp) - still looking for his new owner
'Burmilla', Chocolate Silver Shaded FEX

Cagaran Ifrinnach (Mischka) - owned by Wilson & Rachel Logan
'Burmilla', Chocolate Silver Shaded BCR