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Planned Matings

Last year's matings were about starting to integrate the various lines we've got and this year we have some really exciting matings planned to bring these together.

We had a litter from Hailey at the end of February and are expecting litters from Lura and Niamh in March, then Silkie probably in April. Hailey's kittens were by Brodie, Lura's by Keeker, Niamh's by Spots and Silkie's will be by Donny; his last litter.

That's plenty enough to be going on with for the moment but once these have grown up and at least started to find homes, we'll mate Julie, and Ayla and Fiona for their last litters. I haven't decided on mates yet, in part because I'm waiting to see what we get in the next litters before I decide what we're hoping for from the later ones.