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Show Results 2013

Our show results for 2013 are listed in reverse order, with the most recent at the top. Hover over the title of a show to view the results for that show. Clicking on one of the show listings will take you to the GCCF reports page for that show. At the bottom of the page we have listed all significant results (certificate and BOV wins), in date order from earliest to latest.

Significant results:
5th January (AGCS) - Ayla is Best Kitten, Tia wins her 2nd CC
5th January (SHCS) - Tia makes up to Champion, Lhasa wins her 2nd CC
2nd February (Shropshire) - Eiteag is Best Foreign Kitten, Lhasa makes up to Champion
16th February (Scottish) - Sonia makes up to Champion, Eiteag and Ayla win their 1st CCs
9th March (Lancs) - Eiteag and Ayla win their 2nd CCs
23rd March (Preston & Blackpool) - Eiteag and Ayla make up to Champion
27th April (Bedfordshire) - Bru wins his 1st PC
27th April (Cambridgeshire) - Bru wins his 2nd PC
25th May (Durham) - Bru makes up to Premier, Donny wins his 1st IGCC and Eiteag wins the Reserve Grand
25th May (Northern Counties) - Donny wins his 2nd IGCC
13th July (Eastern Counties) - Tilly wins her 1st CC and Grace wins her 1st MC
13th July (Bombay & Asian) - Tilly wins her 2nd CC and Grace wins her 2nd MC
20th July (Edinburgh) - Call (now owned by my brother) makes up to Premier
10th August (Chester) - Tilly makes up to Champion, DÓrna wins her 3rd IGCC and Eiteag wins his 1st GCC
24th August (Teesside) - Tia is Overall Best Foreign and wins her 1st GCC, Grace makes up to MasterCat and Eiteag wins his 2nd GCC
28th September (North West) - DÓrna wins her 4th IGCC, Tia wins her 2nd GCC and Eiteag wins the Reserve Grand
12th October (Cumberland) - Donny wins his 3rd IGCC