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Our regular news updates are posted on our blog, including summaries of all our shows, and information about everything else our cats and kittens get up to. Our show results are all listed on this site, with a separate page for each year that we have been showing - see the menu to the right for links. The current page only lists significant arrivals in our 'feline family', show firsts, and occasional other items of interest.

01/06/15 - Tilly's daughter, Isla (Cagaran Ila) has her first litter of kittens for Maura Lenihan in Ireland. These are the first great-great-grandchildren from Katie's line.

10/10/14 - Small has her first litter, our twelvth Asian/tiffanie litter. This is the first litter we've ever had where we knew in advance that all the kittens would be the same colour - cream. We keep Lura (Cagaran Lurach) to bring in the outcross line from her Burmese sire.

03 & 04/07/14 - Tia and Lhasa have their first litters with us (their second litters, due to both having had a litter with their previous owners), both by Eiteag; our tenth and eleventh Asian/Tiffanie litters. The two litters are raised together as one giant litter of 12 kittens, every one a different colour/pattern from the others!

22/05/14 - Tilly has her first litter, which is also Donny's first and our ninth Asian/Tiffanie litter. It is a lovely 'rainbow' litter, with four kittens in four different colours/patterns.

01/02/14 - Dàrna becomes only the sixth Tiffanie to hold the title of Imperial, winning her fifth certificate at the Shropshire show, and in the process making Donny the first cat we have owned to have two Imperial-titled parents.

11/11/13 - Having decided to have Cheeky in our Cinnamon Programme instead of Sonia, we thought we might as well have a litter of Somalis from Sonia, and these were born in November 2013, our first Somali litter.

09/10/13 - Our second Cinnamon Programme litter is born, out of Cheeky, with Eiteag as the sire. There is only one kitten in the litter, so she stays to form the other half of the second generation in the Cinnamon Programme, with Zuko. Since she is our Asian/Tiffanie 'H litter', we name her Haillie-a-Jo, or Hailey for short.

18/09/13 - The first of our Cinnamon Programme litters is born, out of Ayla, by an Australian Mist stud. These are our seventh Asian/Tiffanie litter, so their names begin with 'G'. We keep the boy, Zuko (Cagaran Gliocas), to form one half of the second generation in our Cinnamon Programme.

09/05/13 - Dàrna's third litter is born, our sixth Asian/Tiffanie litter, but is only one kitten and has to be delivered by C-section, so we decide that this will be Dàrna's last litter. Somehow we never quite get around to advertising the kitten, who is known as 'Small' (Cagaran Fileánta), and so she stays with us.

03/03/13 - Grace has her second litter, our third Ocicat litter, comprising of four Variants and two 'spotties'. The pick of the litter, one of the Ocicats, Bobbie (Cagaran Ceann-Ciatach), goes to live with Sue Threapleton (Aalspotz Ocicats and Savannahs) as a breeding queen.

06/01/13 - Tilly comes home with us from Anita's (Anizz Ocicats and Tiffanies). She brings our first line home to us, after the tragic loss of Katie in the summer of 2012.

05/01/13 - Ayla completes a hat-trick of Best Kitten wins, following in Fiona and Donny's 'paw-prints' by taking the Asian Group Cat Society's Best Kitten award for our prefix, for the third year in a row.

15/12/12 - Lainni wins the first Imperial certificate for our prefix, at the West of Scotland show, a year after she won the first Grand for the prefix at the same show.

13/10/12 - Lainni and Donny both make up to Grand at the Cumberland show, making them joint holders of the distinction of being the first Grands for our prefix.

02/10/12 - The first litter of kittens delivered to a Cagaran parent anywhere other than our home, is born to Cailin, Katie's daughter from her second litter, at Anita's (Anizz Ocicats and Tiffanies). Tilly is one of these kittens.

23/09/12 - I collect Tia from her owners, Mark and Avril Perkins (Ashputtel Asians and Burmese), in Poole.

06/09/12 - I collect Lhasa from her owner, Ash Molloy (Puddha's Palace Balinese and Tibetans), in Shropshire.

13/07/12 - Our first full Ocicats are born, in Grace's first litter, our Ocicat 'B litter', which is five kittens including two Classics and one 'spotty', the remaining two being Variants, like their mum. Breagha (Cagaran Breagha-Anizz), the pick of the litter and one of the Classics, goes to Anita (Anizz Ocicats and Tiffanies) as a breeding queen, and the other Classic, Cheeky (Cagaran Bragoil), stays with us as a pet.

25/06/12 - Following a C-section at the start of the month, which resulted in two dead kittens, Katie just seemed to give up, and became increasingly ill. We very sadly had to have her put to sleep today, to prevent further suffering. RIP little one.

01/06/12 - Sonia comes to us from George Gow (Gowlaren Cats), in Edinburgh.

07/05/12 - Fiona has her first litter, our fifth Asian/Tiffanie litter, whose names all begin with the letter 'E'. We keep Ayla (Cagaran Eala-Bianach) as a queen, and then later also decide to keep one of the boys, Eiteag (Cagaran ╔iteag-BÓrr), to form part of our Cinnamon Programme.

07/01/12 - Our first bought-in stud boy, Apollo, comes to us from Steve Crow and Tommy Goss (Kagura Asians and Burmese).

03/12/11 - Lainni wins the first Grand certificate for our prefix, at the West of Scotland show.

05/11/11 - Annas becomes the first Tiffanie to win an Olympian certificate.

17/09/11 - Lainni (Cagaran Asgaidh-Àlainn), one of Katie's daughters from her first litter, becomes the first Premier-titled Cagaran, winning her qualifying certificate at the Scotia show.

27/08/11 - Fiona makes up to Champion - the first title for our prefix!

24/08/11 - Dàrna has her second litter, our Asian/Tiffanie 'D' litter, from which we have kept a boy, Donny (Cagaran Deathach-Donn).

23/07/11 - Lainni (Cagaran Asgaid-Àlainn) wins the first certificate for our prefix, taking the PC at the Edinburgh & East of Scotland show.

16/07/11 - Our first Ocicat litter is born, out of Kia, and since it was our first litter in a new breed, we went back to the start in terms of naming, giving them names beginning with the letter 'A'. These kittens are an outcross, with an Abyssinian sire, so they are all ticked tabby Variants. We keep one of the girls, Grace (Cagaran Altachdainn) to contine the outcross line into the next generation.

04/07/11 - Katie's second litter is born, our Asian/Tiffanie 'C' litter, with two kittens, one of whom goes to Anita (Anizz Ocicats and Tiffanies) as her second Tiffanie queen.

08/01/11 - Fiona wins the first Best of Variety award for our prefix, taking Best Kitten at the Asian Group Cat Society show.

20/11/10 - Annas wins her second UK certificate, making her the first Tiffanie to hold the UK title.

19/06/10 - Our second litter is born, out of Dàrna: six kittens, whose pedigree names all begin with the letter 'B', from which we keep our first home-bred girl, Fiona (Cagaran Beannachd-Fionn), and another girl goes to Anita Bryce (Anizz Ocicats and Tiffanies), in Rugby, as her first Tiffanie queen.

22/06/10 - Katie has her first kittens (our first litter), containing four kittens, whose names all begin with the letter 'A'.

29/05/10 - Annas makes up to Imperial, becoming the first Tiffanie to hold that title.

17/10/09 - We have another show neuter: Monty, a fantastically coloured fawn Abyssinian, from Maureen and Lorraine Pontello (Pontaby Abyssinians) in Cumbernauld.

12/10/09 - We have our two Ocicat queens, our 'spotty', Breckin, from Rita Leggett (Yesso Ocicats) in Norwich, and our Classic, Kia, from Stacie and Ian Shorten (Ameeka Abyssinians and Ocicats) in Lincoln.

27/09/09 - Richard and I are both now fully qualified 'implanters', which means that we can microchip any of the standard domestic pets - cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and other 'small furries'.

28/06/09 - We have our second Tiffanie queen, Dàrna, from Joy Wakenshaw (Dayjoy Tiffanies and Norwegian Forestcats) in Northumberland.

18/05/09 - we have another show neuter, Xaria, a Russian Blue from Elisabeth Stark (Dushenka Russian Blues) in Cambuslang, near Glasgow.

17/05/09 - we have our first queen, Katie, a black silver shaded Tiffanie from Amanda Colgan (Rushbrooke Asians, Burmese and Bengals) in Cambridgeshire.