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Show Results 2009

Only the significant results for 2009 are listed at present, in date order from earliest to latest. When I have time, I will add the full results.

Significant results:
10th January (Short Haired Cat Society) - Annas makes up to Champion and Tármus wins her 1st PC
14th February (Scottish) - Amlach wins her 2nd PC
11th April (Scottish Shorthair) - Coimhlion wins her 2nd PC and Annas wins her 1st PC
9th May (Nor'East of Scotland) - Annas and Tármus win their 2nd PCs and Xaria wins her 1st PC
26th May (Durham) - Annas is Best Foreign Neuter and makes up to Premier, and Xaria wins her 2nd PC
20th June (Lakeland) - Xaria and Tármus make up to Premier
4th July (Scottish Siamese) - Ali is Overall Best Household Pet
18th July (Edinburgh) - Annas wins her 1st Grand, Amlach makes up to Premier and Ali wins his first MC (they have just been introduced)
1st August (Scottish Rex) - Jinny is Overall Best Household Pet and wins her 1st MC, and Ali wins his 2nd MC. We have been showing for one year!
29th August (Teesside) - Xaria wins her 1st Grand and Annas wins the Reserve Grand
12th September (Wyvern) - Annas wins her 2nd Grand
26th September (North West) - Annas makes up to Grand, becoming the first CH & GR PR Tiffanie
3rd October (Ocicat Club) - Breckin is Best Female Kitten and Kia wins her 1st Merit
24th October (Caledonian Long Hair) - Jinny is Overall Best Household Pet and wins her 2nd MC, Ali makes up to MasterCat and Call wins his 1st PC
7th November (Ulster) - Xaria is Overall Best Foreign and wins her 2nd Grand, Annas wins her 1st Imperial, Kia wins her 2nd Merit and Katie wins her 1st CC
21st November (Supreme) - Annas wins her 1st UK, becoming the first Tiffanie to do so, and DÓrna wins the first Special Kitten Temperament class
12th December (West of Scotland) - Annas is Best Foreign Neuter and wins the Reserve Imperial, Xaria makes up to Grand and Coimhlion makes up to Premier