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Cagaran Pòigean (Silkie)

Pòigean is Gaelic for 'Little Kiss', pronounced Pawkan.

ALH n 31 / 68q
Tiffanie, Brown Burmese Restriction

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 1.0% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 13/10/15

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by parental DNA Test (both parents Normal)

Silkie is from Lhasa's second litter with us, by the gorgeous Bombay, Tarby (GR CH Rainson Jolly-Jack-Tar), owned by Sarndra Devereux (Rainsong Burmese and Asians). There were six kittens in the litter, of which Silkie was both the only Tiffanie and the only girl. We nearly agreed to let her go to Clive Greatorex, who bred her great-great grandmother, or indeed to Sarndra, but she burrowed her way into our hearts with her cuddles and purrs, so is staying here instead. At the moment we also have her brother, Brodie, but this is only temporary, untl he goes to live with Sarndra.

As a tiny kitten, she was the fluffliest Tiff we'd ever had, making a hilarious contrast to her shorthaired brothers. However, her coat has tamed with age and now lies nicely. She has a lovely short wedge, decent nose break, nice breadth to her head and beautifully expressive eyes. Her chin could be stronger but that's a minor issue because most of ours have lovely firm chins, and hers does have good depth.

She's got the most fabulous temperament at home (like her mum in purrs and sweetness but less intense and moody), but although she was brilliant at her first show, that all changed once hormones kicked in. She's now a little sod at shows, making a great show of hissing at anyone who comes near her! She has managed to get one CC so far but I think we're going to hold her off until she's had a litter and see if that calms her hormones a bit.

Silkie's Dad carries dilute and both parents carry chocolate so there is a reasonable chance that she will carry both of those. Beyond that, there's nothing she could carry except a pattern: her mum carries classic tabby and her Dad masks ticked so she'll be ticked 'underneath' but hopefully carrying classic.