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CH Kagura Apollo (Apollo)

Also known as 'Peachy' or 'the Peachlet'

ASH ems 11 31 / 72 43fnsq
Burmilla, Apricot Silver Shaded with Burmese Restriction

Inbreeding Co-efficient: 8.6% (10 generations)

D.O.B. 02/12/10

Burmese Hypokalaemia Normal by DNA test

Apollo is the first stud boy that we have brought in from outside, and came to us from Steve Crow and Tommy Goss (Kagura Burmese, Asians and Tiffanies). We saw him as a kitten, at a show, and asked Steve and Tommy if we could bring DÓrna to him, when he was old enough. They agreed, but Apollo started spraying heavily when he was about nine months old, and since Steve and Tommy didn't have a spare pen for him outside, they were going to have to have him neutered. Tommy phoned us and asked if we had anywhere that Apollo could live, if he came up to us, so we converted the neuters' play run into a stud run, and Apollo came home with us from a show a few weeks later.

His Sire is Steve and Tommy's gorgeous Imperial-titled Burmese boy, Nirvana, and his Dam is the stunning Opal, who is a Grand Champion Burmilla, out of the beautiful Ula (I GR CH Beannocht Fionnula), who is Steve's favourite cat. I have always loved Opal's type, and since her sire is Pippin, with whom DÓrna produced such gorgeous kittens (including our Fiona), I figure that taking that pairing, but adding in Ula and Nirvana, the kittens should be gorgeous. Apollo looks a lot like Opal (yay!), but with a lot of the strength of his sire's type added in, so he has beautiful eye shape, a lovely short, blunt wedge, with an excellent nose-break and a fabulous short coat. For perfection, he could be slightly bigger, and we would prefer another few millimetres on his tail length, but he is so stunning that nobody cares!

He is a really sweet boy, who will roll around on his back for his tummy to be stroked, and rubs his head against both our legs and those of any visitors in his run. He spends most of his time sitting up on one of his branches, watching the birds, and will chatter away to us when we're working in the garden. Unfortunately, he had a couple of bad experiences with poor handling at shows, and was obviously unhappy at the last show we took him to, so we have taken him off the bench for the time-being. That will also give him a chance to mature more fully before trying for more Grands - he did win one Grand on his first attempt at the award, having made up to Champion in three straight shows.

Since his Dad is a Burmese, Apollo must carry non-agouti and non-silver. We have DNA-tested him as being blue, carrying chocolate (lilac), and unfortunately as not carrying longhair (since Pippin is a Tiffanie, we had hoped that Apollo might have inherited the longhair gene from his Dam). As a result, he can only give us Asian Shorthairs, which makes him of less use to us as Tiffanie breeders, so we will be hoping to keep a longhair-carrying offspring from him, but getting his fabulous type and pedigree into our lines in the process. After that, he will be neutered, but in the meantime he will be available at limited stud to suitable queens - please get in touch if you are interested in using him.