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Our Girls ('Queens')

We have seven adult breeding girls (known as 'queens') at the moment, although three of the older girls should be having their last litters this year and we have three youngsters who should be having their firsts. We also have one kitten whom we are 'running on' to take part in our programme when she is older. All of our girls are exclusively indoor cats and live with us in the house, sleeping on (and sometimes in) our beds, and are very much part of the family. Our girls are bred around once per year. At present, we have four Tiffanie girls, two Burmillas and a Shorthair 'Variant' (Asian Self with Burmese restriction, making her identical to a Burmese), plus the young Tiffanie whom we are running on:

Tiffanies - Fiona, Lhasa, Ayla, Tilly and Silkie
Burmillas - Julie and Lura
Variant - Niamh

Please see the girls' individual pages for details of their pedigrees etc.