Just Kittens

Ayla’s kittens continue to gain well, and both have their eyes open – the boy all the way, and the girl partially.

Ayla’s kittens are so cute, I couldn’t resist sharing some photos with you!

The girl's face
The girl at about 12 hours old

The boy's face
The boy at the same age

They are both growing well, the boy being over 240g and the girl over 220g already, at 11 1/2 days.  Based on the usual target of gaining birth weight each week, their target weights for Wednesday night (14 days) are 267g for the boy and 273g for the girl, so the boy is well on track for that, and the girl just a smidge short of it.

The girl with her paw over the back of the boy as if cuddling him
The two kittens cuddling at 5 days old

The two kittens snuggled up together
The two little furry heads
The two faces propped up on my fingers so they are pointing at the camera
Cute little faces – boy on the right, girl on the left, at 5 days old

The girl was the first to start opening her eyes, but when the boy started, his opened almost straight away, whereas the girl has opened hers rather slowly over the course of a few days.  His are now both fully open, and the girl’s eyes are basically 3/4 open. Thankfully, we’ve never had any problems with eyes opening, but I know plenty of people who have had issues with discharge or stickiness, so I’m always wary for the first few days after the eyes start to open.  I think we’re past the danger period now, though, so I can stop fretting!

Girl's face sitting on my hands, with the inner corners of her eyes open
The girl’s eyes just starting to open – 7 days old

The girl's head from side-on, showing her good dome and short nose
The girl’s profile at 9 1/2 days old – lovely dome and short nose

Ayla has continued to be a fabulous mum, keeping her kittens clean and warm, yet is perfectly happy to have them handled. They are quite squeaky at the moment, making lots of noise when we take them out to weigh them, though they quieten down a lot when we’re just stroking them. Ayla lets us know when they have had enough, by taking them out of our hands to put them back in the nest box.

The girl's head sitting on my thumb, with her eyes about 2/3 open
The girl’s eyes about half open – 9 1/2 days
The boy's head sitting on my fingers, with his right eye fully open, and his left eye about half open
The boy at the same age – one eye open, and the other about half

As usual, I am undecided on colour at the moment.  Both kittens have a chocolatey tone to the edges and backs of their ears, so I’m pretty sure they’re both either chocolate or lilac.  The girl is a shade paler than the boy, but I don’t know whether that means that she is lilac and he is chocolate, or just that she is silver and he is non-silver.  I am told that with BCR kittens they will probably be at least three weeks old before we can tell for sure, so at the moment it’s just a case of waiting!

The boy looking like Yoda
The boy pulling his best ‘Yoda face’ at 9 1/2 days

The paler girl is on the left, and the boy is on the right
Colour comparison of the two – girl on the left, boy on the right

We’re off down to the North West show this coming weekend, so I will try and post a show update early next week – let’s see if I actually manage!