2013 Kittens, More CCs & Bru’s Return

Grace’s second litter, of six kittens, has arrived, and they are all doing well. Eiteag and Ayla had another good show, at the Lancs, winning ther second CCs. Bru has had to come back to us, due to some sort of illness, that his owner doesn’t want to test him for.

We have  a fair bit of news from the past couple of weeks, including the birth of our first 2013 kittens!

Grace’s Kittens

Grace had six kittens overnight from Sunday into Monday, the weekend before last.  She was much better this time around, knowing exactly what to do with the placentas and cord-cutting, and also settling nicely to feed them.

Grace with the six kittens feeding
Grace with the six kittens feeding

The six kittens piled up
The six kittens piled up

There are three of each gender, the three boys all being Variants: a tawny, a cinnamon and one that is either a chocolate or a dark cinnamon; and the girls being one Variant and two Ocicats (spotty): the Variant is another cinnamon, and the spottys are a tawny with a stunning head, and probably a cinnamon, though again could be a chocolate.

Kitten 1 - Cinnamon Variant male
Kitten 1 - Cinnamon Variant (ticked) male

Kitten 2 - Chocolate or (dark) Cinnamon Variant male
Kitten 2 - Chocolate (or dark cinnamon) Variant (ticked) male

Kitten 3 - Tawny Ocicat female
Kitten 3 - Tawny Ocicat (black spotted) female

Kitten 4 - Cinnamon Variant female
Kitten 4 - Cinnamon Variant (ticked) female

Kitten 5 - Tawny Variant male
Kitten 5 - Tawny (black ticked) Variant male

Kitten 6 - Cinnamon (or chocolate) Ocicat female
Kitten 6 - Cinnamon (or chocolate) Ocicat (spotted) female

Lancs Show

Last weekend was the Lancs show, and we had taken the ‘babies’, Eiteag and Ayla, to try for their second CCs.  As last time, we put them in the same pen to begin with, to help them settle in, though I don’t think either actually needed it.  Obviously, we have to keep a close watch on them, to make sure that Eiteag doesn’t try anything with his sister, but so far he’s shown no interest in her, though he knew exactly what he was meant to be doing with Dàrna when he was in with her.  We’re taking no chances – if he even so much as looked like he might be interested in Ayla, she’d have to come straight out!

Eiteag looking handsome
Eiteag looking handsome

Both were beautifully behaved, as usual, purring and climbing up the judges and stewards to give them kisses, which is just lovely to see.  A couple of the judges said that they wanted to take one, or both, home, and one even came past for an extra cuddle later in the day!  Both were given their CCs, so they now only need one more each.

Ayla relaxing in her pen
Ayla relaxing in her pen, with her rosettes and prize cards behind

Ayla proving she is her mother's daughter, and mucking about whenever the camera appears
Ayla proving she is her mother's daughter, and mucking about whenever the camera appears - you can see her front feet 'paddling'

Tracey was also there, with Xaria and Quinn, though this time Quinn’s award wouldn’t count for anything, because the closing date for this show was before the Scottish, and she won her qualifying certificate at the Scottish.  In addition to the cats’ activities, I had an excellent day stewarding for Kaye Wilson, who is a long-term Burmese breeder and judge, but who has recently started juding Asians.  It was great to see so many of the Burmese, and also to have a judge that I can so easily talk over the cats with.

Quinn scowling beautifully, as usual
Quinn scowling beautifully, as usual

Bru Back Home

About 10 days after he had gone to his new home, I received a call from Bru’s owner, Julie, to say that he had been wheezing, and that she was going to take him to her vet.  Over a couple of visits, her vet took some tests, but none of these showed anything, so he then suggested having a scan done, but Julie felt that she had already been through too much stress and hassle, so she asked if we would take him back instead.

We agreed to do this (giving a full refund, in case you’re wondering), and got him booked straight in at own vet.  When I went to collect him on Thursday, he was hiding down the back of Julie’s bath, and when he came out, he was all wide-eyes and spiky fur, and seemed absolutely terrified. I asked what was up with him, and she said he was always like that with her, and had never let her stroke him, which had me really worried in case it could be a symptom of some sort of illness.

When we got him home, however, he came straight out of his basket and ran up to Richard to ask for a stroke, even though he was in a room that he has never been in before.  We didn’t want to put him in with the girls in case Dàrna is pregnant and he had some sort of infection, so he is in the back bedroom with Ali and Breckin, who are both neuters.  When Tracey came round yesterday, Bru climbed into one of his baskets, and lay there purring and ‘paddle-pawing’ whilst Tracey and I both stroked him.

On Friday, I took him for his vet appointment, and our vet gave him a thorough checkup which didn’t find any problems.  Bru looks absolutely great, is a good weight (and has grown in the time he’s been away), and is eating and drinking well.  We’ve got him booked in to have a scan, and that will tell us for sure whether there is anything wrong, and if so, what it is.  The most likely explanation at the moment seems to be a slight lung infection, but we will know more once we’ve got the scan results.