A long way for a show!

Our Tiffanies go to stay with their first ‘boyfriends’, and some of the cats attend the Essex show.

Katie and Dàrna are now with their first boyfriends!  Amanda (Colgan – Rushbrooke Asians, Burmese & Bengals – Cambridgeshire) phoned us as we were driving down on Friday, to say that there was going to need to be a change of plans.  Katie was due to have been in the house with Jack, who lives inside because he’s never sprayed.

Amanda has a Bengal boy, William, who also lives in the house, but he was supposed to have mated one of her Bengal girls, and then been neutered.  Unfortunately, the girl didn’t take, so William is still entire.  Unless we wanted the risk of spotty babies, we were either going to have to forego this mating attempt (not really an option given which call Katie’s on) or use our ‘backup’ option of Katie’s half-brother, Charlie (Annas’s full brother).

This match should produce lovely, typey kittens, but would be too close for us to keep anything for breeding.  Since we weren’t intending to keep anything from Katie this time anyway, that’s not really an issue, so Charlie it is!

We met up with Amanda at her work, because that’s just off the A14, so is a lot more convenient than driving across to her house.  One of her colleagues came out to see all of the cats, so we had a good cuddle with them all in the carpark, and then Amanda took Katie away with her.  Even though Katie came from there originally, and I know Amanda will take fantastic care of her, I still felt terrible letting her go!

We then headed across to near Bedford, where we were staying with two of our friends, Tracy and Gary.  They have two black and white neutered male cats of their own, who had to move into the conservatory so our lot could have the livingroom and kitchen.  We had picked up a sheet and some comand strip hooks on our way across, so that we could stop the cats seeing eachother through the conservatory doors and potentially getting upset.  With the help of some handy clips that Gary had, we created a makeshift curtain across the doors, leaving their poor boys shut on the other side!  Their house rabbit, Chloe, had to be moved from the livingroom into Tracy and Gary’s bedroom, because Monty had his face pressed up to the side of her cage and was shouting in at her – very funny, but probably not particuarly nice for her!

Dàrna wasn’t at all phased by the change of scenery, and after a quick check around her new territory, was straight up onto the couch for a cuddle with Tracy and Gary.  Breckin hid under the vetbed in one of the baskets, only coming out for a quick meal.  Once Chloe was removed, Monty slunk around the place investigating every corner, but rushing behind the couch if we moved at all.  Annas was hilarious, because she walked around growling continuously, and then settled herself in Chloe’s play tunnel, growling at anyone who even considered entering!

We drove down for the Essex Cat Club show on Saturday morning, where we won the prize for the further-travelled exhibitors (442 miles to get home, according to the SatNav).  It was worth coming, though – Dàrna made up to Champion (her fourth CC/Challenge Certificate, but only her third from different judges), and Monty won his first PC (Premier Certificate).  Breckin’s breeder, Rita Leggett (Yesso Ocicats – Norfolk), was there with one of her girls, Dotty, who beat Breckin for the CC (Dotty was looking much more mature and had better spotting on the day).

Annas didn’t place in the Imperial Class (gutted, because she was looking stunning), but had a red card day apart from that, taking first in some big classes.  The Imperial was actually won by the lovely Russian girl, Lolly (Troika Aurora), who is owned by our friend Judith Noble (Larksong Russian Blues & Selkirk Rex – Bedfordshire), and is the new ‘Sheba‘ cat.  We last encountered Lolly at The Supreme, where Ann Bond-Wonneberger debated for ages between her and Xaria for the Grand, but eventually gave it to Lolly!

Dàrna is in with a stud called Pippin, whose owners are Steve Crow and Thomas Goss (Kagura Asians & Burmese).  They were good enough to come along to the show and collect Dàrna from there, saving us the journey to their house afterwards. This meant we could just head straight back to Tracy and Garys.  Just as well, really, since I had agreed to collect the results for Cat Planet, and had all of those to type up in the car whilst Richard drove back.

Today we had a fairly leisurely start, leaving about 9am.  We had arranged to collect a stud cat for Helen MacLeay (Kruzinkal British Shorthairs, Kilmarnock).  The stud’s breeder lives not far from Birmingham, so we met her in a services on the M6, and then met Helen just off the M74 this afternoon.  Thankfully we had a good run North, so we weren’t too late back (although spending an hour or so chatting with Helen in the carpark made us a bit later than we might have been!).  Annas has been wandering around shouting for the girls ever since!