Kitten Update Day 17

The kittens are caught in the act of fighting, and we have our first trip away from them.

The kittens are continuing to grow well, with all three being above 330g last night.  I had to weigh them just half-way through the day today, because we’re taking Kia and Dàrna to stud this afternoon, and won’t be back until tomorrow.  Even so, they had still gained a minimum of 9g in a bit under 12 hours!  This is our first trip away from them, and I am SO nervous.  I will be absolutely desperate to see them again tomorrow.

Katie is now eating a full bowl of dry food plus 1/4 of a can and 2-4 pouches of wet every day.  This should continue to increase until probably the week after next, by which point the kittens will be moving onto solid food of their own, and the load on Katie will gradually decrease.  She is very chatty at the moment, and will call to her babies whenever she gets back into the birthing box, probably because they are now responding to sounds.

The boys are still basically just interested in sleeping and Mum’s milk, although they will now sit quietly in our hands when we pick them up for a stroke.  The girlie (red-toes), on the other hand, is definitely responding to us now, and when you look down into the pen, you are normally met with a little pair of blue eyes.  If you sit by the side of the box and talk to her, she will actually get up and come over to the side where you are, and if you put your hand in the pen and don’t stroke her, she comes over and nudges it until you do!  She also loves cuddles, and will roll around in your hands for you to stroke all of her.  If she carries on the way she is at the moment, she’s going to make someone a fantastic cuddly pet.

The kittens may be sweet, but they are still capable of violence against each other when fighting over a teat.  The second from back teat on Katie’s left side is the favourite with all three kittens, and they will fight over it, even though there are perfectly good teats right next to it.  They have been doing this since they were only a couple of days old, but I am normally so busy laughing at them that I forget to film it.  Last night, I had my phone right beside me, though, so I managed to capture the moment.

Red-toes and blue-toes fighting over a teat

We clipped their claws on Tuesday night, because they had become really quite sharp, and I was worried that they might catch eachother in the eye and do some damage: even whilst doing them, I noticed that blue-toes had a tiny cut on the top of his head, presumably from one of his siblings.  I also didn’t want them scratching Katie whilst suckling.  Now that they are bigger and stronger, Katie is also a lot less tolerant of them moving around whilst suckling, so I assume they are actually starting to hurt her now.  I noticed earlier this week that they have teeth now, too!

Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow, and that we come home to a nest of healthy, happy babies!