Kitten Update Day 2

The kittens are, in fact, now almost three days old and have already grown noticeably. Katie seems to be enjoying her role as mother, and divides her time between lying in the basket with the kittens, and lying just outside the basket, or at the other end of the pen.  She seems to feel that they need fed every twenty minutes or so, and will climb back in and nudge the kittens awake to get them to eat. The weather has been really hot (we had a fan on all day to keep the room below 26°C) so she gets too hot if she stays in the basket with them.  Even when she is outside the basket, she keeps a close watch on what is going on inside it.

Katie watching over her Tiffanie kittens
Katie checking on her kittens (that's red-toes 'zonked-out' on the right)

At last night’s weigh-in, red-toes, blue-toes and orange-toes were up by 15g, 16g and 17g, taking them to 118g, 118g and 117g respectively.  Purple-toes was only up by 7g to 107g, so I weighed them again this morning, and was pleased to see that she (or he!) was up a further 9g overnight to 116g.  Red-toes and blue-toes were also up 9g to 127g, and orange-toes was up 4g to 121g.  By this evening’s weigh-in, Purple-toes and orange-toes were both up 15g from last night (6g and 11g from this morning), blue-toes was up 17g and red-toes was up 23g!!  They are now 122g, 132g, 135g and 141g – that means even the smallest one has already put on over a third of its birth weight, and they’re not even three days old until 4am tomorrow morning!

I have been changing the towel lining their basket every evening, but Katie isn’t very impressed with me doing so.  Last night I also wanted to wipe out the bottom of the kitten pen, because Katie had spilled some of her litter on the floor.  Like last night, she had used the other tray, and then moved onto the bed when we let her out.  I lifted out the basket, complete with kittens, and sat it by the pen door whilst I wiped the bottom of the pen.  When Katie saw that her kittens were in the ‘wrong’ place, she jumped down and before I had even finished wiping the pen, she had one of the kittens back in and was standing on the bare floor with this kitten in her mouth, not sure what to do next.

I took the kitten and put it back in the basket, and then put her in with them.  She settled down to feed and clean the babies, but watched me with a scowl throughout.  Having wiped out the pen, I then had to move both her and the babies out of the basket in order to change the towel.  She wasn’t hugely impressed with being moved out onto the floor on her towel, but she does seem happier once the basket is clean.  I’m sure we have another of these little baskets somewhere, so I must look the other one out, so that I can make up the second basket, lift the first one out, replace it with the second and then swap the kittens over.  At least that would avoid the step of having to move them on their towel onto the floor!

A black silver ticked tabby Tiffanie kitten aged 2 days (purple-toes)

A black silver shaded tabby Tiffanie kitten aged 1 day (red-toes)

This is a black ticked tabby Tiffanie aged 2 days (orange-toes)

This is a black ticked tabby Tiffanie kitten aged 2 days (blue-toes)

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get a kitten to hold still for long enough that you can get a photo of its face – even at this age. Heaven help us once the kittens are a few weeks old and able to run around. I think all I’ll be managing to get is photos of their tails as they run out of the picture!  I also had to have a couple of shots with some of them, because Katie tells me off if they started squeaking, so I had to give them back to her and then try again a couple of minutes later.

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