Kitten Update 1 Day Old

Katie’s kittens are now one day old, and doing well.

Katie’s kittens are now one day old, and all doing well.  They are all feeding and Katie is being a perfect mother, looking after them expertly and keeping them nice and clean.  When we were getting ready for bed last night, we let Katie out of the pen, and she went straight to use the litter tray outside the pen, rather than the one next to her kittens.  She then went and sat on the bed, but the second one of her kittens squealed, she was straight back into the pen to check on them.

Katie's kittens aged 1 day old
Katie with her 1-day-old kittens

I weighed them before going to bed, and they had put on between 5g and 13g each.  Red-toes, who was one of the two smallest kittens (the lively one that I mentioned yesterday) had actually put on the most weight, going from 90g to 103g, and the largest kitten (blue-toes) had put on the least, going from 97g to 102g.  The others had both gone up to 100g.

Red-toes is proving to be a character when eating as well.  Most kittens ‘paddle paw’ on their mum’s tummys whilst feeding, but this wee one does the most emphatic massaging I’ve ever seen.  It is absolutely hilarious!  I tried to catch it on video this morning, but unfortunately I missed the most over-the-top bit due to laughing about it.  You’ll see from the video that it’s still pretty extreme even when she (I’ll refer to her as a girl for the moment) is being a bit calmer about it.  Apologies about the alarm clock going off in the background, by the way!

Red-toes 'paddle-pawing' on Katie's tummy

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