Kitten Update

Katie’s kittens are now a week old and doing well, Kia is almost at her due date, and Dàrna is back from stud and looking pregnant. Fiona won her first two CCs at the double show in Doncaster on Saturday, also the first two CCs for our prefix!

The Kittens

Katie’s kittens are growing well, both having sailed past their double-birth-weight one-week target at about five days old. As of this morning, they are a good bit over 200g, and the boy’s eyes were just starting to open in the inner corners. He is hilarious when he’s eating, because he does the same sort of huge ‘star-jump’ motion that his half-sister Lainni did last year!

Katie feeding the kittens
Katie with the kittens

I haven’t actually checked genders again since I first decided on them, so I really ought to have another look now to make sure we do have one boy and one girl.  I haven’t the faintest clue whether they are Asians or Tiffanies at this stage, only that they both look to have about the same length of coat, though I could be completely wrong there!

Face-shot of the boy at day 8
The boy's cute little face - his left eye is just starting to open

The girl shouting
The girl shouting - she's the 'gobby' one of the two

Pregnancy Update

Kia is now very close to her due date – I’m thinking either tonight or tomorrow night.  Jinny is in with her at the moment, and the two of them seem to be best mates at the moment.

Kia looking pregnant
Kia looking 'lumpy' and pregnant - note the kitten lump on her left side!

Kia and Jinny rubbing against eachother
Kia and Jinny rubbing against eachother. Jinny is fantastic with Kia, putting up with being manically cleaned on a regular basis!

Kia has started to move into her birthing box, though she prefers if one of us climbs in there with her.  I turned her heat pad on the other day, and then spent about half-an-hour hunched up in the box with her to keep her company whilst she rolled around on it.  Her box has a lid on it, because she quite likes caves, but at least it’s a good bit bigger than Katie’s, otherwise we’d never fit!

Kia in her birthing box
Kia in her birthing box, looking grumpy because we weren't in with her!

We collected Dàrna from Ally and Arty on Monday, and she is definitely still looking pregnant, and eating lots, so fingers crossed there, too.

Show Update

We were down at the Humberside and Lincolnshire double show on Saturday.  The two clubs hold their all-breed shows in the same hall, and cats can therefore enter both shows.  We had only taken Fi, but she did us proud, winning not only our first Cagaran CC (Challenge Certificate), but also the second – taking the certificate in both shows!  She now only needs one more to become a champion, so fingers crossed she can do that the next time she’s out…

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