Getting Closer…

Kia is now almost 8 weeks pregnant, so she’s well past the point at which she miscarried last time. Her kittens are quite active, and can be clearly felt, along her sides. She’s obviously getting a good kicking, because she’ll be lying sleeping and then will suddenly jump awake, bless her. Probably no more than about 10-14 days left for her, so I’m starting to get excited now. Fingers crossed she goes full term!

Kia lying on the sofa whilst pregnant
Kia's pregnancy starting to show - cuddling up to me on the sofa

Katie is at 65 days today, so there is a good chance that she will have her kittens this evening.  We actually thought that she might have had them Saturday night, because she was behaving as if she was in the early stages of labour.  Nothing happened that night, though, and by yesterday she was much calmer.  The kittens have been much more active over last night and into this morning, and are definitely starting to move backwards, so I think that’s them getting themselves arranged into position.  Tonight could be a sleepless one!

Katie looking ridiculous whilst asleep
Katie looking ridiculous on the end of the bed when I woke up this morning

Dàrna is still at stud, and the news is hopeful!  She came into call almost as soon as she met Graham (the stud), but after a few days, the stud owner, Ally, sent me a message to say that the call seemed to have stalled and that she would just leave Dàrna in with Graham until she came back on.  About a week later, Ally messaged me again, saying that she was starting to wonder whether Graham had “sneakily done the deed”, because Dàrna had been sick a few times.  I don’t know whether I mentioned it on here, but Dàrna suffered from morning sickness throughout most of her last pregnancy, so the sickness was actually good news.

Graham lying on his side at a show
Graham being soppy

Close-up of Graham's Head
Face-shot of gorgeous Graham!

This morning, I had another message from Ally to say that Dàrna appears to be pinked up already.  That would be just over 14 days, and therefore very early, so a bit of a surprise.  Having said that, although Dàrna pinked at a more normal time last year, Katie was showing at 14 days.  This year Katie pinked on schedule, so it would be just typical if Dàrna was the one pinking at an unusual time this time around!  Dàrna has now been moved to a separate run to see whether that brings her into call, or whether she starts eating more and stays pink.  Fingers crossed there, too!

Hopefully I’ll have some new kitten photos to post in the next few days…

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