Ghost Re-Homed, Lakeland Show & Pregnancy Update

We had a good day at the Lakeland show, Dàrna making up to Grand on the day, and Elisabeth’s kitten taking Overall Best Foreign. Ghost is now in his new home, and both pregnancies seem to be going fine.

Ghost has now gone to a new home, with a lovely couple south of Manchester.  They have three other cats, and work from home, so there will be plenty of company for him.  Plus, they treat their cats the same way we do – they are the centre of their universe, so they are perfect!  He seems to be settling in well, though it didn’t quite go according to plan – when does it ever?!

We’ve also just had the pleasure of having two of Lynsey Thomas’ (Seysiana Somalis & Tiffanies) kittens stay over night with us.  Their new owners weren’t going to have a chance to meet up with Lynsey, so we looked after the kittens to give their new owners a chance to pick them up.  The kittens were completely adorable, and reminded me just why we wanted to breed!

The Seysiana Kittens Playing

Lakeland Show

Last weekend was the Lakeland Show in Kendal, and we took two of our own cats, plus Elisabeth and four of hers.  Karen was also there with her two Dushenka boys, whom we took to the Durham a few weeks ago.

Fiona handled for all her judges again, but is still shouting loudly whenever she is taken out of the pen, so once again had all awards withheld in her Open classes.  The only time she handled nicely was for Steve Crow (perhaps she knows that he’s her ‘grandpa’!), and he placed her first in a large and competitive class.  If only she would keep her voice down, she could be winning so well, frustrating animal!

Fiona looking up out of her pen at the Lakeland
Gorgeous Fiona looking up at the camera

Dàrna did us proud, by winning her third (and qualifying) Grand Challenge certificate (from Joyce Green), making her up to Grand Champion!  A little over a year ago, she made up to Champion the day that Steve and Tommy first took her home to Pippin.  After the Lakeland, she went home with the stud owners, so that’s two years in a row that she’s won a new title the day she’s gone to stud!

Dàrna in her pen at the Lakeland
Dàrna in her pen with her Grand rosette
(the shaved patch on her neck is where the vets took blood for her tests prior to going to stud - all responsible stud owners require that queens test negative for FIV and FeLV before being allowed into their boy)

The real stars of the show, however, were Elisabeth’s cats.  Her stud boy won the Reserve Imperial, and Best of Breed Russian Adult.  Zach, one of the neuter boys owned by Karen, won another Premier Certificate, and Best of Breed Russian Neuter.  Lucy, who is Zach’s daughter (he fathered one litter before being neutered), won her kitten class and Best of Breed Russian Kitten (her brother won his kitten class) – that’s two years in a row that Elisabeth’s cats have won Best of Breed Adult, Kitten and Neuter at this show!

Elisabeth's Teddy looking worried
Teddy looking worried

Elisabeth's Tasha looking gorgeous
Gorgeous Tasha with her Grand rosette

Tasha, who is (our Russian girl) Xaria’s mum, also won her third Grand, qualifying her for her Grand title, after a string of Reserves – she is now Grand Champion Dushenka Tashabella, and the eighth Dushenka to hold the Grand title!  Little Lucy didn’t just stop with winning her open and Best of Breed, though, going on to take first Best Foreign Kitten, and then Overall Best Foreign!  Her daddy, Zach, won Overall Best in Show at the Scottish Shorthair Show a couple of months ago – on top of Xaria’s Best Foreign win at the Durham, the Dushenka prefix isn’t exactly having a bad year so far!

Elisabeth's Lucy in her decorated pen
Lucy's Pen Decorated with Prizes

Elisabeth's Lucy playing in her BIS Pen
Lucy Playing in her BIS Pen

Elisabeth's Lucy looking out of her BIS Pen
Lucy Looking More Dignified

Elisabeth's Lucy Being Judged for Best in Show
Lucy Being Judged for Best in Show

Pregnancy Update

Kia and Katie both still seem to be holding their pregnancies at the moment.  Katie should be due in about 10 days, and Kia another 10 days after that.  Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly, and I can soon be writing those magic words again – “we have kittens”!!

2 thoughts on “Ghost Re-Homed, Lakeland Show & Pregnancy Update”

  1. I love you kitties!!! Why’d the vet shave that HUGE patch from Dàrna’s neck!!! We never shave just for a blood draw, only if we’re placing a catheter!

  2. I don’t know Jody. They always shave quite heavily, but since Dàrna was going to a show this time, I even asked if they could avoid shaving her. I saw them write on her admission sheet “shave as little as possible”, but if anything, I would say that they shaved more this time than previously! We keep thinking about changing vets, but our current ones are just round the corner, and will soon be moving to virtually the end of our drive…

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