Cat TV

We’ve set up a TV for the kittens to watch, and also organised the next set of stud visits.

We finally got around to setting up a TV in the kitten room last night.  The theory behind that is that it will get the kittens used to the sound of a TV, whilst also keeping the girls company when they’re in there alone.  It also means that we can sit with them in the evenings and still keep up with CSI!

I’ve organised a repeat stud visit for Dàrna, and also a stud visit for Kia.  Breckin still hasn’t called yet, which is no bad thing, because it means I don’t have to sort out a stud for her until later in the summer.  If she held off until the early Autumn, that would be ideal, since it would avoid the potential of her due date clashing with The Supreme!  Chance being what it is, though, who knows what will actually happen!  Amanda (Colgan – Rushbrooke Asians, Burmese & Bengals) has always said that her mantra is “manage the situation”, and I can rapidly see us finding the same.

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