Kitten Update Week 15

The kittens are all booked now, and continue to develop well

The four kittens remaining
The four kittens who are still with us -B-B (back left), Tassy (back right), Fiona (front left) & Ben (front right)

Ghost and Maya went to their new homes last week, and the remaining kittens also have homes booked now.  The home that I thought both boys might end up going to didn’t go ahead, but we have ended up with something even better – Ghost chose his own home, and Ben is going to another show home!

Ghost’s owners and I had been exchanging emails off and on for a couple of weeks, because they were interested in Ben. Eventually, they decided that they wanted to come and see him, with a view to taking him home. We thought that they were sure to love him just as much when they met him, because every visitor we’ve had has immediately had Ben curled up, purring, on their lap.

When Jane (Ghost’s new mum) came to visit, however, Ben showed no interest whatsoever, whereas Ghost was absolutely besotted. He has not been interested in anyone else who has visited, yet he would not leave her alone. Whenever we have carried Ghost around the house, he would try to jump down to explore, yet when she carried him around, he just sat there in her arms, purring and looking up at her adoringly. As a result, they decided to go home with Ghost instead of Ben, so he now lives with 15 chihuahuas (they breed them as Happyhouse), and seems to have forgotten us already.

Ghost with his new friends
Ghost getting to know his new housemates

Ghost settling into his new home
Ghost settling in

When his owners went to get ready for bed on his first night, they left him on the window-ledge downstairs, yet by the time they had done their teeth, he was cuddled up on their bed!

We ran Maya to her new home in Northumberland on the 29th, and were given a delicious lunch by her owners, Chris and Kate. That gave us the chance to watch Maya settle in and get to know her new ‘brothers and sisters’ – another Tiffanie, a moggy and two dogs. The Tiffanie is just over a year old, and is her half-cousin, being one of the kittens from the last litter out of one of Dàrna’s half-sisters.  He is beautiful, and although a little unsure, was absolutely fascinated by his new playmate.  Maya spent her first night tucked into the gap between Chris and Kate’s pillows, purring away to herself, so that sounds pretty good!

The boys have been neutered, and I am really looking forward to the show this coming weekend.  Unfortunately there was an error among the show management, that has resulted in Tassy not being included in the catalogue, and therefore not being able to attend the show.  This is particularly annoying, since she was supposed to be going home with her new owners after the show.  I am now hoping that we can perhaps drop her off at her new home on Friday.

Tassy & B-B aged 15 weeks
Tassy & B-B

Tassy & B-B aged 15 weeks
Tassy & B-B again

Lona emailed me an update on Lainni last week, and mentioned at the same time that she was quite taken with Ben, and that she would be interested in showing him.  Like Tassy, whom he was quite similar to as a kitten, he has been getting more and more typey as the weeks have gone by.  He can now produce a lovely Burmese expression, so if he does that to the judges, he could do well.  Apart from anything else, he has the fantastic soppy temperament, so he should be able to win the judges over!  His new pet name is going to be Tabh (pronounced Tav), which means ‘Ocean’.

Ben aged 15 weeks
Ben scowling

Ben aged 15 weeks
Ben looking sleepy

Aside from the fact that we know Lona will give him a fantastic home, Ben going to live with her is particularly exciting for us, because it means that four of the kittens from this litter will be shown – Fiona (by us, obviously), Tassy, B-B and Ben.  All four have a lot of potential, so it will be interesting to see what happens over the coming years!

Fiona aged 15 weeks

Tassy aged 15 weeks
Tassy (now called Keela)

B-B aged 15 weeks
B-B (probably to be called Flynn)

Ben aged 15 weeks
Ben (now called Tabh)

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