Durham County Cat Show

The Cagaran cats had a very good day at the Durham, winning two Premier certificates, one Grand, one Reserve Imperial, one Imperial and four Best of Breeds!

We were at the Durham County Cat Club show on Saturday, and had a FANTASTIC day!  The most critical result being that Annas won her fifth Imperial certificate, making her the first ever Imperial-titled Tiffanie!!  We took Annas, Xaria (competing against each other for the Imperial!), Coimhlion and Monty.

Annas with her 5th Imperial
Annas making up to Imperial

We had to be up at 03:30 in order to get down there in time.  A good run as far as Berwick meant that we had time to stop there for breakfast (at MacDonalds, hardly the healthiest start!).  We had a good onward run from there, too, and arrived at the Nissan Sports & Social Club in Sunderland just a bit after 07:30.  We had taken a flask of hot water with us, so we were able to have a cup of herbal tea (no need for milk!) before taking the cats through vetting in.

Once the cats were penned and settled, and we had been ‘thrown out’ of the show hall for judging, we adjourned to the RACCS mobile (Lenny Pontello’s Alhambra) to watch a Top Gear DVD.  I was feeling decidedly restless (the prospect of an Imperial title will do that to you!), and had checked the results board at least twice before any of our results actually went up.

Elisabeth had come in with me, and she checked the result for her stud boy, Teddy, whilst I checked for the Imperial result.  The Imp wasn’t up yet, but Teddy had won his Grand, in spite of being fairly badly tarnished, so Elisabeth was thrilled.  When I checked Coimhlion’s Grand result, we both fell about laughing, because she had actually been awarded the Grand, which I didn’t for a moment expect.  Coimhlion was only entered because she absolutely loves going to shows.  She had also taken the Best of Breed against a rather nice boy!

Coimhlion at the Durham Show
Coimhlion peering out from her Show Pen

It was another couple of hours before the Imperial result went up, and when it did, I struggled not to cry – not only had Annas taken the Imperial, but Xaria had taken the Reserve, which was the best possible result we could have hoped for.  Monty had also had a good day, winning his third Premier certificate, making him up to Premier.  To top that off, Xaria had completed her day by winning another Premier certificate, and all three had won their Best of Breeds.

Xaria at the Durham Show
Xaria with her prizes at the Durham
Monty at the Durham show
Monty looking for cuddles
Annas asleep at the Durham show
Annas sleeping behind her rosettes

After Xaria’s other Reserves, she has been grumpy for a few days, but this time she obviously knows she did a good job in ‘letting’ Annas have the Imperial, because she’s in a great mood today!

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