Introducing the Cagaran Cats

Who or what is Cagaran?

This is my first attempt at blogging about the cats, so I’m not sure how this will turn out!  Apologies if it gets a bit wandered at times.

My name is Heather, and with my partner/boyfriend Richard, am the owner of the GCCF Prefix Cagaran, under which we will be breeding GCCF-registered pedigree Tiffanies, Ocicats and Ocicat Classics, plus potentially an occasional Asian Shorthair.  We live near Falkirk, which is roughly in the middle of a triangle between Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, in Central Scotland.

We have thirteen cats; eleven pedigrees and two moggies.  They are introduced in the ‘Our Cats’ section of our website.  Our first cat was a moggie, and we acquired our first pedigree in 2005.  At that point, we had no intention of showing, and stumbled upon the world of shows almost by accident in 2008.  Since then, we have become completely hooked, and have shown all of our cats on multiple occasions (including the moggies).  They are all now titled except our original pedigree, Call (a Maine Coon), and our youngest cat, Monty (an Abyssinian), who only needs one more certificate to become a Premier!

Alongside becoming hooked on shows, we also discovered two/three breeds that we wanted to work with ourselves – the Tiffanie (semi-longhaired member of the Asian Group), and the Ocicat/Ocicat Classic.  We have four ‘entire’ (un-neutered) girls: two Tiffanies, one Ocicat and one Ocicat Classic, and will hopefully be having our first litters from them this year.

I am beginning this blog, just before we take our first couple of girls down to stud, and it will hopefully track us through our first steps as breeders.

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