No Doubt About It

One of our Tiffanies starts to really show her pregnancy

I noticed Katie’s tummy jumping this morning, and then she did a little cry and came rushing over to me for a cuddle.  Not sure what that would be, because she’s only about four weeks gone, so the kittens shouldn’t be moving yet, I don’t think.  Other than that, she seems happy enough, and is continuing to eat far more than normal.  She’s just starting to develop a swagger, so there’s now no doubt whatsover that she’s pregnant.  We’ve added Royal Canin Queen and Kitten food to their usual mix now, so we’ll gradually change them over this week.

She had taken one of her toys into the ‘kitten food box’ when I woke up this morning, which is hardly ideal, since we cut the holes to theoretically allow the kittens in but not the adults.  Admittedly, she’s not heavily pregnant yet, but if she can get in whilst pregnant we obviously didn’t get the holes the right size!  Mind you, the point of it was to stop any of the ‘fat cats’ being able to get in once the kittens are downstairs with the others, and I doubt they’d manage – it doesn’t really matter if Katie can get in there because she tends to keep herself nice and slim anyway.

Dàrna is back to being medium pink again this morning, and is still purring away constantly.  Her hormones really must be all over the place, bless her.  Still no idea if she’s pregnant or not!

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