Kitten Update Week 4

Dàrna’s kittens continue to grow and develop, taking their first solid food and starting to use the litter tray. Alek and Lainni are well settled in their new homes, and Soolay is still looking for his.

Dàrna’s kittens continue to do well, with the smallest now being 371g, and the largest 456g.  Still making regular alterations to my guesses on colour, with the current best guesses being:

Kitten 1 (female) – cream silver shaded (ghost spotted)
Kitten 2 (male) – blue silver ticked tabby
Kitten 3 (male) – lilac BCR silver shaded
Kitten 4 (male) – chocolate BCR (smoke?)
Kitten 5 (female) – chocolate tortie ticked tabby
Kitten 6 (female) – cream silver shaded

Tiffanie kittens suckling from their dam
The babies feeding from Dàrna - Kitten 6 is the one across the top, and the others, from left to right are: Kittens 4, 5, 2, 1 and 3

Since the paperwork for Katie’s litter still hasn’t come through, I am currently trying to choose names, so that we can get the registrations in earlier for this lot.  Like the last litter, the intention is that the names should mean something in gaelic, but these ones will all begin with the letter ‘B’.  The only one whose name I am happy with at the moment is Kitten 4, who is always off investigating something, and will be called Bramán-Beag, which means ‘Little Imp’.  I am considering Briotas for Kitten 5, which means ‘Whisper’, because she is a bit quieter than some of the others in her behaviour, but I’m not fully decided yet, because she can out-shout most of the others if she thinks her dinner is late!

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 1
Kitten 1 - adorable expression!

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 1
Kitten 1 showing her neat nose

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 2
Kitten 2 watching his mum

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 2
Kitten 2 looking unsteady

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 3
Kitten 3 with a Burmese scowl

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 3
Kitten 3 exploring

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 4
Kitten 4 showing off his darker ears and nose

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 4
Kitten 4 watching his siblings intently - he loves pouncing on them!

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 5
Kitten 5 looking sweet

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 5
Kitten 5 from the side

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks - Kitten 6
Kitten 6 showing her longer head

Tiffanie kitten aged 4 weeks
Even shading on Kitten 6

They are all really starting to develop individual personalities now, but it is a bit more difficult to pick out their individual characteristics than it was with Katie’s litter, because there are so many more of them.  Kitten 2 is quite into people, and will often follow us across the room when we go to leave.  He and Kitten 5 both enjoy their cuddles more than some of the others at present, and will clamber up onto you if you sit on the floor, but he will then crawl all over you, whereas Kitten 5 will just settle down – she is more like Alek from the last litter.  Kitten 4 is quite mischievous and likes to explore, while Kitten 6 is quite independent and strong-willed, more like Lainni was in the last litter.  Kitten 3 is a bit of a mummy’s boy, doesn’t like being told what to do, and loves cuddling up in whatever basket Dàrna is in – he is most like Soolay.  Kitten 1 is a bit of a mystery still, since her personality isn’t really showing through yet, but she will get there.

After Dàrna moved the kittens out of their pen into the middle of the floor, I had used their play tunnel to set up a barricade to at least keep them restricted to that end of the room.  However, on Friday evening, Kitten 2 managed to find his way through, and started sharing his mum’s wet food!  Several minutes later, he moved over to try her dry food as well.  Since it appeared that they thought they were ready for solids, I brought up a dish of Royal Canin baby mousse, and sure enough, Kitten 1 joined Kitten 2 in eating it.  Kittens 5 and 6 were happy to eat it if I put some in their mouths, but Kittens 3 and 4 were not interested at all, and would spit it out if made to take it.

Kitten 2 trying his first solid food

Yesterday evening, I took up a dish of Royal Canin Instinctive Kitten, which instead of being a paste/mousse, is a runny gravy with small lumps of meat.  Kitten 2 was straight into it, with his front paws in the middle of the dish (covered in gravy), and his face shoved right down between the lumps.  This time, however, he was joined by Kitten 3, who was rather neater about the whole thing, but spent several minutes feeding.  The other four were not interested at all, including Kitten 5, who had enjoyed it so much the night before!  This morning I tried them with a different flavour and texture of food, which Kitten 2 ate a small amount of, but was basically uninterested, and Dàrna ended up eating most of that herself!

Obviously, with a change in diet from milk to solids, comes a change in production of wastes, but it looks like they are going to cope fine with that transition, too.  Kitten 5 used the litter tray this morning, and a couple of the others were in scraping around in it, preparing to go.  These kittens are a lot younger in moving on than Katie’s were, which seems strange, considering how laid back their mum is – I thought they might take longer.

Katie’s Litter

I have had photos through of both Alek and Lainni this week, looking thoroughly settled in their new homes.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to see them contented and enjoying making a new family very happy.  I just wish we could find someone for Soolay now, before we get any more attached to him.  The other cats are also starting to accept him as part of the family, so it is going to be harder for them the longer he stays.  I am also going to find it so hard to part with him already, and I guess it’s only going to get harder.

Soolay (Tiffanie kitten) eating with the adult cats
Soolay eating with some of the adults - from left to right: Xaria (just visible), Coimhlion, Amlach, Kia, Soolay, Katie, Annas, Jinny & Call

He was playing on Richard’s lap after we had lunch earlier – cuddled up asleep one minute then pouncing on Richard’s hands the next, and trying to undo the zip on his fleece.  He is a wee monkey, always into something unless he’s cuddled up with someone, but that makes him so adorable.  I hope all of the kittens we produce are as pleasurable to live with as he is!

Soolay (Tiffanie kitte) lying on Richard's lap
Soolay looking adorable on Richard's lap
Soolay playing on Richard's lap

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