Katie Expands

One of our Tiffanies continues to expand, whilst we still debate over whether or not the other one is pregnant.

Katie is continuing to expand, but seems quite contented.  Whenever you start to stroke her she responds with a warm purr, and seems to be enjoying looking out from the tiny windowledge in the kitten room.  We’ve decided to build a broader ledge for her, because she can fit up there at the moment, but give it another couple of weeks and there’s no way she’ll get on there!  We’ve also built a set of under-bed storage boxes today, as a way to block up the gap under the bed in the kitten room.  It’s impossible to get under the bed without one of us lifting the side, so we really don’t want to risk the girls taking their kittens into the back corner!

Dàrna seems to have finished her call (no more shouting or tail moving), but has continued with her almost constant purring and rubbing up against us both during the day and at night.  Her nipples are still about three times their original size, but appear to have lost all of their colour this morning, so I don’t know what to make of her behaviour.  She determined not to let us know whether she’s carrying or not, so it’s definitely a case of just waiting with her!

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