Kitten Update Week 11

Alek is back to eating solids, Soolay is growing by the minute, and Dàrna’s kittens are only a bit over a week away.

The kittens are now 11 weeks, and spend most of their time running around the house, whether we want them to or not – all three have now figured out how to jump their gate.  The funniest thing about that, is the fact that of the adults, only Jinny, Ali and Kia actually jump the gates.  The others all end up ‘trapped’ on whatever side of the gates they are on when we shut them!

Alek had started being a bit funny with food again towards the end of last week, so we were keeping a close eye on him.  We had agreed weeks ago that we would spend Friday and Saturday night with my parents on a boat on the Clyde, so little Alek just had to come too.  Considering that it was his first trip away from his siblings, and his first overnight stay anywhere outside the house, not to mention his first experience of a moving boat, he took it all amazingly calmly.  He didn’t seem the least bothered, even when my Mum was getting jumpy due to the size of the swell coming up Loch Fyne (Mum doesn’t like bumpy sailing!).

Alek experiencing his first rough weather at sea!

Over the course of the weekend he started eating properly again, and has been taking in enough food of his own accord to gain a steady 25g+ each day.  Lainni is still gaining at about 15g per day, as would be expected.  Soolay, on the other hand, is definitely living up to his name (An-Sùlair = The Gannet), and seems to be growing by the minute – he managed 77g today alone!

He is aware that he is the biggest in the litter, and likes to think that he is really a lion, and needs to protect his smaller siblings.  If someone annoys him, he’ll turn around and spit at them, which makes me laugh every time – he’s so clearly trying to be big and intimidating, but it’s just too cute for words!  He and Kia are still having great fun playing together, and when you see them together, it’s easy to tell just how big he’s getting, because she’s quite a good size.

Tiffanie kitten & Ocicat Classic adult playing
Kia and Soolay playing

Alek is still more independent and less boisterous than his brother, but he has now become quite cuddly and into people, and will follow you around the house when he’s out.  Even if he’s not ‘out’, he’ll normally still follow you around the house, having jumped the gate first.  Since he went back onto solid food, he has become quite possessive of his particular choice of food – his favourite at the moment is the Royal Canin baby mousse stuff, and if there is a dish of that down, he will munch it whilst growling at anyone else that comes too close.

Lainni is very people-oriented, and loves nothing better than cuddling up to us.  I quite often wake in the morning to find her half on my shoulder, half on the pillow, tucked in under my chin, purring away to herself.  She is still a bit of a ‘madam’, though, and doesn’t like not getting her way.  If we are eating tea in the livingroom for some reason, she can get quite determined about trying to steal food from us, and if you push her away she will literally scream in annoyance (which is very funny!).

I still haven’t posted adverts for the boys on the breed club websites, partly due to Alek having been a bit funny about his food, and partly just due to a lack of time.  They are due to have their vaccinations done either next week or the week after, so I will speak to the vet about that tomorrow, when I take Annas for one of her annual boosters.  I think that since Alek is a bit behind where he should be weight-wise, that it might be an idea to keep them back the extra week, but we’ll see what the vet thinks.

Dàrna’s kittens are due towards the end of next week, and she has now decided that she likes the kittens after all.  She was going from kitten to kitten this morning, polishing them all, and has taken to waiting until they are finished eating before feeding herself.  I felt her kittens moving for the first time yesterday, which is a lot later than I did with Katie’s lot.  There is definitely at least two kittens on each side, but whether there’s any more than that, I have no idea.

Katie is now almost completely dry of milk, and is starting to call again.  I’m giving her another few days, and will then probably let her back in with her kittens, but we’ll need to keep a close eye that they’re not injuring her by continuing to suckle.  She looks fantastic, and I am now kicking myself that I didn’t enter her in the North West show later this month.  I was going to, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to risk her not having dried up yet.  We’ll know for next year!

I had Kia checked out by the vet on Friday afternoon, who confirmed that she had been pregnant – her womb apparently feels like a ‘post-parturient’ (post-birthing) womb.  The vet couldn’t feel anything of any size in there now, though, so it would seem that she has indeed completely miscarried.  I’m not certain, but it’s possible that she is also starting to think about calling again.  If she does then we will hold her back and perhaps take her back to stud next month.

Hopefully, Breckin will also be ready to go by then, as she was putting  her tail to the side for the first time this morning.  If the Ocis both took next month, then they would be having their kittens at about the same time in relation to Dàrna’s as Dàrna will have hers in relation to Katie’s.  In other words, their kittens would just be arriving as Dàrna’s are ready to leave.  I think that’s probably no bad thing, because I’m sure we’ll miss having kittens around once they’re gone.  Actually, that’s one of the worries with the boys is that we’ll get too attached to them!

Fingers crossed the next couple of weeks see them continue to grow and develop, without any further issues, and that we’ll find some lovely homes for them to go to.  Then we’ll have to look forward to Lainni being out on the bench…

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