No, Really!

More wrangling over whether or not one of our Tiffanies is pregnant

Dàrna is now shouting, but has stopped moving her tail to the side.  She’s also doing a lot of purring.  If this is a call, it’s a very strange one, and isn’t following her normal pattern.  We’re taking it in turns to sleep up with the girls, or down with the others, and she’s actually keeping us awake at nights by purring in our faces, climbing on us, and trying to rub herself all over us, all of which she’s never done before.  She’s also pinked up again, with her nipples now being about three times their normal size and a medium pink (Katie’s are now about five times their normal size!).

All we can do is just be content with Katie being pregnant, and wait to see what happens with Dàrna, because I don’t have the energy for all this second-guessing!

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