Kitten Update 8 weeks

The kittens are now 8 weeks and aside from some issues trying to wean them, they are now lively, playful and developing nicely.

Well, that’s the kittens eight weeks old – what a scary thought! I have them booked to have their first vaccinations next week. After that, they will be ready to start ‘entertaining’ visitors, so I really must get around to putting some adverts out for them. Hopefully, I will be able to do so on Saturday.

Black silver shaded Tiffanie kitten at 8 weeks
Lainni looking quite grown-up
Soolay looking adorable
Black ticked tabby Tiffanie kitten at 8 weeks
Alek looking uncharacteristically worried

Lainni’s future ‘Mum’, Lona, will actually be coming to visit this evening, so I am both excited and nervous to see what she thinks of her ‘baby’ when they actually meet, instead of just seeing photos. I have given Lainni strict instructions that she is to make Lona feel special and wanted, although Lainni being Lainni she’ll just do exactly what she wants anyway.

Speaking of which, having said last time that the kittens were all on solid food, they then ‘un-weaned’ themselves. For no apparent reason, they all decided that they didn’t like solids after all, and that only Mum’s milk would do. Poor Katie had got used to being out most of the time and only popping in to check on them, but when she realised that they had started losing weight due to not eating, she had to start feeding them again.

Black silver shaded Tiffanie feeding her 8-week-old kittens
The kittens looking far too big to be feeding from Mum

The boys have since gone back onto solids, but Lainni is still determined to stick with milk. I have tried every type of food, from plain chicken, salmon and prawns, through various prepared adult and kitten foods with chunks of meat, to assorted pastes, mousses and patés.   The boys think it’s great, because they get different things every time their bowls are put down, but Lainni just sniffs the food, then reaches past it and starts ‘digging’ the floor as if trying to cover it up.  Very frustrating!

Aside from their ‘food issues’, though, the kittens are continuing to develop well, and are very active and playful.  They love having someone sleep in the room with them, and will all pile up onto the bed and tuck themselves in around your legs.  Then, when you wake up in the morning they come up and sit beside the pillow looking at you until you give them a quick stroke, after which they go off and play.

Lainni is very into cuddles, and will sit beside your feet waiting to be picked up.  She is quite like her mummy, and likes to think that she’s more ‘dignified’ than the boys.  Sometimes she will refuse to join in their games, but then go crashing around the room with Katie, who treats her sons as if they are made of china, but will happily throw Lainni around when playing!  Lainni also loves the steps up to the windowledge, and in fact, the three kittens will all jump up and down the stairs, poucing on eachother, popping up between steps or climbing right up the post at the back and squeezing through onto the top step.

Alek is still probably the most independent of the three, although he does love a cuddle, and is often the first to arrive at your feet when you go into their room.  Both boys have developed a nasty habit of trying to climb trouser legs to get up for a cuddle, which is very cute when you’re wearing trousers, but not so pleasant if you’ve got bare legs!

Soolay is still Katie’s favourite, and is therefore the neediest of the three, preferring to sit and cry for someone to do things for him, rather than figure out how to do them himself!  Having said that, he is virtually always the first onto the food when it’s put down, so he’s certainly not retiring when it comes to eating.  He is also the most talkative of the three, and if you look at him and say his name he will miaow back at you.

We had friends up staying at the weekend, and Soolay was their favourite, although Richard or I would probably go for either Lainni or Alek, because we like their more independent natures.  It was interesting to watch the kittens playing with someone that they don’t know, and they took it all in their stride.  Mind you, I have been taking them into the office at the end of the day, to meet my colleagues and get used to new places and being handled by new people.

Fingers crossed that they are as good with Lona this evening!

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