Pregnant or Not?

Our Ocicat Classic proves just how odd she is when she calls, and one of the Tiffanies continues to develop in her pregnancy.

Kia and Amlach have started pouncing on Katie and Dàrna, so I’ve moved the girls upstairs to the kitten room. I had hoped to keep them down with the others for a while yet, but I don’t want them being upset at this stage. Katie’s abdomen is definitely starting to feel firmer, and there is no doubt now that she’s pinked up – her nipples are bright pink and about three times their normal size. I’m not sure about Dàrna at all – she’s actually behaving as if she’s calling, with lots of wriggling and rolling, and full-on tail out to the side behaviour, so it’s not look ing too good. She’s still pinked up, but I don’t think it’s as strong as it was.

Mind you, Elisabeth (Stark – Dushenka Russian Blues, Glasgow) says girls can sometimes behave like they’re calling because they’re getting a message from their hormones that they misinterpret, although this apparently doesn’t normally include tail-to-the-side stuff. Amanda (Colgan – Rushbrooke Asians, Burmese & Bengals, Cambridgeshire) says that her lot sometimes appear to be out of sync between head and body – i.e. the body is pregnant, but it takes the head a few weeks to realise that, so it goes on with normal behaviour. I’ve also read somewhere that a girl will occasionally call a short while before implantation, just to give herself the option of changing stud – if a better one comes along she will take on a pregnancy from him instead. We’re not giving up hope yet…

Kia’s calling is such a strange noise that Richard and I find it hard to continue conversations when she’s doing it – we just sort of look at eachother and laugh! I got a new phone this week, and it has a video record function (it has an audio record function too, but I didn’t find that ’till later), so I couldn’t help but record the strange sound she was making. I will try and upload it when I figure out how!

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