Kitten Update Day 23

The kittens are learning to walk, and starting to display individual personalities. They get more adorable by the day.

The kittens are all now standing up and walking around, although orange-toes still isn’t as good at it as his siblings are.

The babies starting to toddle around aged 21 days

They are growing well, with all three now over 400g. They all exceeded their three-week growth target, although blue-toes was over by 7g, whereas red-toes was over by a whopping 49g! She is the heaviest of the three (probably because she is the most aggressive about claiming and keeping a teat!), but orange-toes is the biggest. That might be part of the reason for his being worse at walking than the others – he’s just so chubby!

They are all starting to develop quite different personalities now. Red-toes is quieter and more studious than the boys, always watching and listening to what is going on. She loves cuddles, and will happily sit in your hand for several minutes as long as you are stroking her. Blue-toes has the biggest purr, and purrs almost constantly whilst drinking from his mum. He is also getting quite into being cuddled, and even came over to the edge of the box this morning, looked up at me and miaowed, making it clear that he wanted a cuddle. Orange-toes, on the other hand, is the whiney kitten in the bunch, and will complain about anything and everything. He whines when you pick him up, whines when his siblings wake him up, and whines if his mum is too slow to start feeding him when she jumps into the box. We will need to make sure that we handle him as often as possible, to ensure that he grows out of it. In the meantime, he really is quite funny!

For showing, Tiffanies should feel heavier than they look, but should have slender limbs and neat, oval paws. At the moment, red-toes is looking the best from that perspective, with long, slim legs, and is surprisingly heavy. Orange-toes is a bit chunky in the legs at the moment and has big paws, but if his legs lengthen out and he grows into his paws then he is going to be a lovely big boy. At the end of the day, though, it is unlikely to matter whether the kittens are good for showing, because we are unlikely to be able to find owners who want to show them, so all three will probably go purely as pets.

Besides which, they are possibly the most gorgeous animals ever to arrive on the planet!

Tiffanie kittens at 21 days old
The kittens looking adorable

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