Kitten Update Day 20

Nothing dreadful happened to the kittens while we were away at the show, and they have all continued gaining well.

The kittens were, of course, fine when we got back on Saturday evening, and my fears about something dreadful happening whilst we were away proved to be completely unfounded.  Katie was extremely pleased to see us, because I think she felt a bit lonely up there with nobody other than her kittens for company.  She has been rather unsettled and clingy ever since, to the point that I’ve actually had to shut her back in the cage this morning, because she’s being too restless to actually allow her kittens to feed properly!  Whether that will help, though, I’m not sure – even when she’s with them she’s not being particularly helpful about letting them feed.  Hopefully she’ll calm down over the next day or so, and things can go back to normal.

Katie being awkward and sleeping in a position from which her kittens struggle to feed

The babies had grown noticeably even just in the 36 hours we were away, and all three had gained brilliantly by Saturday evening.  Sunday’s gains, by comparison, were pretty pathetic, I think because of Katie’s restlessness.  Having had Katie shut in her pen today, however, things were back on track by this evening, with the gains since Thursday evening now ranging between 46g and 63g, and all the kittens being well over 350g.  Red-toes has even managed to hit 400g today!

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