First Eyes

It looks like Tilly’s kitten 4 (the lilac girl) is going to be an early-developer, since she had half-opened one of her eyes last night.  At three days old, this is four to seven days earlier than the average.  Thankfully, I’ve had friends’ kittens open their eyes at about the same age, without any issues, otherwise I’d have been worrying that opening so soon could cause problems.


With the exception of Tiny (Tilly’s kitten 6), her lot are all well over 100g now and even Tiny is feeding well and filling out.


Tia and her brood are also fine, and I’ll try to take some pictures later.  Incidentally, in case you’re wondering about the sudden increase in update frequency, I’ve finally managed to get the WordPress app to install and connect on my phone, so updates should be more regular now.

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