Tilly’s Kittens

Tilly’s kittens arrived overnight last night.  I’d no sooner saved my last post and gone up to check on her than she started labour.  The first kitten was, unfortunately, born dead (she was very small and looked like she’d been squashed), but there are six alive and looking well.

We have three boys and three girls, and all are different colours.  I’ll try and get on with individual photos of then later.

Tia is still nesting so keep your fingers crossed for an easy delivery for her.

I was going to post photos, but unfortunately WordPress is being rubbish again, and won’t accept them from either my phone or my PC (hence the half-baked photo attempt with the last post – out of a batch of about 25 photos, only four are actually visible!).  I’ll see if I can get the uploads to work later.

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