First Signs of Pregnancy?

Our Tiffanies show the first signs of ‘pinking up’.

We had Lorraine and Maureen (Pontello – Pontaby Abyssinians – Cumbernauld) ’round for coffee and a chat this evening, and had some potentially exciting news. We had been attending the Cally Longhair AGM in Glenrothes this afternoon, and by coincidence, they were over visiting Heather Kelsall (also Fife – Khabasha Abyssinians) at the same time. We agreed that I would text them when we were leaving Glenrothes, and that would give them time to get finished up at Heather’s and make their way over to ours but still give us enough time to get in and sorted first.

We were sitting ’round in the living room, and Dàrna hopped up on Maureen’s lap for a cuddle. Maureen had a look at her tummy and had Lorraine look too, and they both agreed that it looked like she was already starting to pink up! They then had a look at Katie and though the same! Obviously the next couple of weeks are critical, because implantation hasn’t taken place yet, but it’s a good sign. Generally pinking up isn’t visible until 21 days, but because Dàrna and Katie are high silvers they have no colour to their undercoat, and white skin, making any sign of pink very obvious.

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