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Dàrna has had a single Tiffanie kitten born by C-section, Grace’s Ocicat kittens have had their first vaccinations, and Ayla is ready to go to stud.

Just a quick post to give you some kitten updates:

Ocicat Kittens

Grace’s kittens were nine weeks old on Sunday, and are therefore old enough for their first vaccinations.  Since Monday was a Bank Holiday, I wasn’t working, giving me time to collect the kittens (including finding the little blighters!) from Diane’s, take them to our vet’s for their vaccinations, and then take them back to Diane’s again.  They were beautifully behaved, and are all really good weights for their age, the lightest being over 1.03kg!

The kittens in their basket in the vet's waiting area - I love that Cainnt is clearly so stressed by his first visit to the vet's, that he is falling asleep in the middle!

Dàrna’s Kitten

Dàrna was due between Wednesday and Sunday of last week, so when she still hadn’t started labour by Monday, I took her with me when the Oci kittens went for their vaccinations.  The vet scanned her, and could see no sign of infection and (he thought) two good, strong heartbeats, so he told me to “sit tight” for another couple of days, and bring her back in if she hadn’t had them by Wednesday.  On Wednesday morning, she had quite a bit of discharge, and was rather restless, so the vet suggested leaving her one more day to see whether she was going to deliver them naturally.

In the blanket, coming back from the vets
In the blanket, coming back from the vets - I held him like this, rather than risk Dàrna falling on him in the moving car (I wasn't driving!)

When she still hadn’t had them by yesterday morning, I took her back along, and the vets tried to stimulate contractions with a shot of Oxytocin.  That caused a few contractions, but they were rather half-hearted, and unproductive, so we decided to do a C-section.  It turns out that she only had one kitten, who is large and was the wrong way around – not just his tail facing the birth canal, but actually his back, so there was no way she could have delivered him like that.

Dàrna absolute knackered after her C-section, asleep with her baby between her paws
Dàrna absolute knackered after her C-section, asleep with her baby between her paws

The effects of the anaesthetic pass through to the kitten as well, so he was rather immobile and dopey yesterday afternoon, meaning that he didn’t start to feed until late evening.  However, he was up 5g on his birth weight by the time we were going to bed, and up a further 2g when I got up this morning, so he seems to have got the idea now.  He looks very like his Daddy (Eiteag), and I think he’s some sort of cream: maybe a standard shaded.

Looking more contented this morning, and with the baby feeding
Dàrna looking more contented this morning, and the baby feeding

Ayla Going to Stud

Okay, so it’s not strictly about kittens yet, but that is the desired result!  Ayla had her snap test (FIV/FeLV) this morning, ready to go home with the stud owner after the London Pet Show tomorrow.  I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to her – I know we’re not meant to have favourites, but I am ridiculously fond of Ayla, and can’t imagine having her away for several weeks.  We took Eiteag into the vet at the same time, for his certificate of entirety (the paperwork confirming that all his ‘bits’ are in the right place!), which needs to be lodged with the GCCF before his kitten can be registered.

Incidentally, don’t forget that if you’re in the Earl’s Court area tomorrow, you can come and visit us (and a whole host of different pets, from dogs and cats to birds, micro pigs, fish and exotic beasties) at the London Pet Show.

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  1. I saw you had commented that you were thinking about getting her spayed if she has another small litter? Did they spay her while she was under for the c-section or did they leave her intact?

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