Kitten Update Day 7

Two of Katie’s Tiffanie kittens have started to open their eyes.

I was down in Yorkshire yesterday meeting with one of our clients, Wren Kitchens.  I have now seen around two of their showrooms, and I must confess to being rather impressed with the value for money – excellent quality for a really, really good price!  They had a Franke tap there that Richard and I looked at when we were doing our kitchen, but we couldn’t find it for less than £240 (and therefore didn’t bother), whereas Wren have the exact same one for £99.99!!  I highly recommend checking them out if you’re needing a new kitchen, and they’re just about to bring in a bedroom range as well.

Since I was going to be away all day, Mum had checked on Katie and the babies at lunchtime, and reported that all were present and correct.  Evidently, it is only okay for ‘strangers’ to visit the kittens when accompanied by us, because Mum didn’t even open the pen, but Katie was snarling at her just for being in the room!  Thankfully Katie had chosen not to turn the pen upside down at that stage, so Mum didn’t need to try and brave Katie’s wroth to do any pen rearrangements.

Richard had also checked on them when he got in from work, but I was still desperate to see them by the time I got back after 10pm.  Of course, they were all absolutely fine, and sound asleep, but that’s not the point!  After tea, I did the nightly weigh-in, and was glad to see that purple-toes was up 16g today, rather than the underwhelming 7g that she has gained both of the previous days.  She is now up to 179g, so just 1g short of the double-birth-weight target for the first seven days.  Red-toes sailed past double yesterday evening (by an impressive 12g), and is now up to 206g; as did orange-toes (by 9g), who is now up to 207g.  Blue-toes was that bit heavier at birth, so although he was the same weight as red-toes yesterday, he didn’t cross the double-birth-weight threshold until this evening, when he was up to 205g.

Red-toes and blue-toes have both started to open their eyes today, although the other two are showing no signs as yet.  Red-toes has just the inner corners of her eyes visible, while blue-toes has just the inner corner on his right eye, but almost his full left eye open.  Both are looking nice and healthy, with no discharge or swelling, so I’m hopeful that there will not be any complications.  Fingers crossed!

A black ticked tabby Tiffanie kitten (blue-toes) starting to open his eyes
Blue-toes with his eyes slightly open

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