Kitten Update Day 5

Katie’s Tiffanie kittens are now lifting their heads up and trying to stand.

Today is the first day that the kittens have been happy to sit in our hands and be stroked, without immediately calling for their mum.  This morning they had started lifting their heads up as if they were trying to look around, although they are obviously still blind at this stage.  By this evening, they had also started trying to stand up, but I swear they got around better when they were just dragging themselves along the floor!  Whenever they try and stand up they wobble around so much that they can hardly move, and then half the time they only manage one step and then they fall over.  They seem to spend about as much time on their backs with their legs in the air as they do on their feet!  They are much more active today, though, and have been exploring every corner of their box.  Katie has also taken to lying down a small distance from them, as if trying to encourage them to come to her, instead of the other way around.


It has been really hot again today, which meant that Katie kept overheating whenever the kittens were tucked in against her tummy to feed.  We did try turning the fan on, with it facing away from the pen, but the kittens can obviously still feel the air movement, and they don’t seem to like it, so we had to turn it off again.  I’ve also turned the heat mat off for the moment.  Between their increased movement and their mum’s reluctance to feed them for any length of time, it is perhaps not surprising that none of the kittens had gained much today.  The largest gain was just 11g, but hopefully they’ll be back up again tomorrow.

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