Kitten Update Day 3

Katie’s kittens continue to develop, and surprise me by how happy they make me feel.

Katie’s kittens are developing nicely.  The black silver ticked tabby has darkened up a bit, and the two black ticked tabbies (I’m pretty sure that’s what they are now) are developing a stronger brown in their undercoats. I’ve also heard one of the kittens purring today, for the first time. Katie has been doing so almost continuously since her babies arrived, but I haven’t heard any of the kittens until today. They seem very contented, though, and I love how close they are at this stage; cuddling up together.

Katie's Tiffanie kittens cuddling up together aged 3 days
Katie's Tiffanie kittens with their 'arms' around eachother

Red-toes had a smaller gain tonight, up by just 8g, but combined with the 23g gain yesterday, that’s an average of a nice, healthy, 15-16g per day. Orange toes was up by 15g today, whilst blue-toes is up 14g. Once again, it’s only really purple-toes who isn’t gaining as much as I would like, having gone up just 10g. Having said that, everything is relative, and although she’s gaining slower than her siblings, my established breeder friends tell me that 10g is still acceptable.

I have been amazed at my own reaction to the kittens. Obviously, we thought we would enjoy the experience of breeding, or we wouldn’t have got involved, but I had no expectation of just how much I would enjoy it. Nobody told me I would find myself smiling every time I look at the babies!  Have a look at this video of the babies suckling and see if it has the same effect on you.  I love the way their ears ‘waggle’ as they suck!  The fourth baby is there, by the way – you can just see it’s rear end sticking out from under Katie’s leg.

The kittens suckling from their very contented mum

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